Saturday, 30 April 2011

Best place to be on a Bank Holiday

Not sure if it's just us, but when driving up Totnes high street,  why is it ..............

we are the lucky one's that get stuck behind a delivery lorry ?
Not that it really mattered, I just wondered why !

We even got stuck in traffic on Brutus Bridge going into town. Might have something to do with all our recent visitors around the roads of Devon.

Luckily only a few horse riders and locals know other routes.

The best place to be on a Bank Holiday is Soggibottom. Over the bridge and totally forgotten.
The quilt, sorry, patchwork is now finished, quilting has begun.
Not a mention of weddings !

We did watch, can't have an AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM and not watch a royal wedding.
Not a corgi in sight either !

Ames can look Regal when she wants to, except when she is asleep.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Happy Royal Wedding Day from Soggibottom.

Where ever you are on The Royal Wedding Day, have a great time.
We can't all have invites, but if you try on your wedding togs and they are a tad too tight. Best thing is to get a spot along the route early. Sit down and no one will notice. Make sure your dressed in Red, White and Blue and take plenty of things for your sore throat. You are bound to have one with all the talking that will take place around you. It's a day to be happy, enjoy the day.

If you have a front seat you shouldn't have to strain your neck above the crowds.

We won't all be going, but then, who knows what Amie Soto Blossom dreams of. I'm sure she is there in her dreams.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Have a great Easter

Not been near a computer  for days.... Word's, like.... "don't compute"...have to watch Star Trek Movies....
The weather has been so unlike any April I can remember.
Middle of June, or July maybe, but not April... April and the Bambi Film and the song.

Little April showers.

I heard today.... that it has been the warmest Easter in England since the sixteen hundreds.
Why that makes me smile I'm not sure, although it makes me wonder who built this cottage. Was it such a day like today. 

I would have made them lots of something good to drink, and made sure they were fed. I'm sure that our predecessors did just that. We have spent days sitting around and messing around in our garden. Far too good to be inside.

We do however have an Easter cake... Not that often that they are in my kitchen anymore. Don't make cakes because we don't eat them. Our kids used to eat them. But they aren't around anymore. So we please ourselves and MUM SAY's she can wear purple now. Also say what she really thinks. Good to be true to yourself.
But it's Easter and no chocolate bunnies or Easter eggs here. Might fib slightly, as the packet that held the chocolate eggs was a large one and I didn't use many mini chocolate eggs  for the cake.

There are still on going things around here... I huff and puff about this,,,, all hand made is a good thing to be able to add to the finished article. Not a sewing machine in sight. Not finished yet...............

There has to be an escape from the quilt in progress. It drives me nuts. Also makes me think of so many of my quilting buddies that I smile. They are so dedicated to their art.
Like my bears, quilts, especially hand made one's are very special to me.

I really love recycling things. Not sure if you will remember the rag dolly's.
Old JEANS... might have to click a way back on this blog to find the pattern.  OR GOOGLE IT .... 
Yep, that's mine ! 

Out in the garden on such a beautifully hot day, sitting under the palm and plum and apple tree another creation. This time recycling denim. I hate to see old jeans go to waste.I know you have noticed. Something is out :of line. Well, so what... this isn't supposed to be perfection.

A project that has I have had in mind for ages. Also been saving old jeans from "you know "who".

He, he, he..... caught him....

Here it is........... even has pockets for what ever.... maybe Amie's cookies.

Do you think I should wake her ?
Wise cats and dogs stay inside in the cool on a hot day. Not saying that they should bunch together,  my lot do.

They venture out to have their tea. Fishies...
In Amie Soto Blossom words, AL FESK E. :-) I didn't spell that wrongly .............. You might need to look at her facebook page. She really lets her "h's" go.

Enjoy your Easter. No bunnies, no leaping lambs. BUT.. extremely good company. of the four legged kind.
Have a very good Easter Holiday.

They gave me a bath and then I  rolled in the dirt...

lets be honest, Ames is very self opinionated, she is a Royal DOG AFTER ALL :-) yeah right !

Be like Mew, chill through the holidays.. we will :-)xxx

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lana's Bear

It's been far to warm to wear a cardy and hat around the garden today.
Although I know there is a certain little girl who would like to see her finished bear, complete with cardy and hat.  When bears are intended for children. Always make them with safety eyes. If your not used to putting them into your work it can be a bit of a trial. They have to be placed into the head before the head is filled. I was going to put stuffed there, but changed my mind. You have to make sure both eye's are set in the head at the appropriate places.  I haven't a short cut to tell you about, except it's something that comes with time and practice.

Mew has had lots of time this afternoon and has lots of practice at sunbathing on the table in the garden.
This has been the warmest April since 1949... I wasn't around then so I wouldn't know, but it's been gloriously warm after the long Winter. For those who still have snow falling around the world. We have your sun, don't think you would really want to upset Mew, so we hope we can keep it for a while longer.

For everyone who commented on our handiwork on our gate, thank you. We have no hidden agenda's with this witch.

Although we do have black tulips in our garden.

We also have tomato flower on some of our tomato plants.
For anyone who doesn't know, Caroline and I have been having a contest to see who can have the first tomato. You can catch up on Caroline's tomato plants by clicking on Mr Tomato at the side bar.
Caroline is also selling some of her art work in aid the Japan Earthquake appeal. Beautiful art at a very good price, I'm sure you would love to see it.

Lastly before I go and help Mew out with her sunbathing. A very big thank you to everyone who emailed and made a comment when our mains water pipe burst.
Life has now returned to normal around the cottage. We've had no complaints about the new floor so far either.

Friday, 15 April 2011

The witch and the umberella

Been a strange week around here.  Not quite gone to plan.

It's also been raining. This little project is something we have been thinking about all for a while. The most boring thing in life must be watching paint dry.... don't go there... just put an umbrella up when there is a hint of rain.

Not every one was impressed.

Some are, but not talking...........

 Life around the village has plodded on slowley. 

I have been away from the computer for most of the week, a bit unexpected.
The blogging world is a forgiving place. I will eventually catch up. I promise... might go a bit slower than these guys, but I get there in the end.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Life in the fast lane

When your out and about and sitting on the back seat of the car, as you all know I do...

When you travel a long road.

 Always make sure you have something good to nibble along the way.

Call me spoilt if you want, I'm on my way to see a very important pup.

The Caterpillar called Chops. Tell you all about it later in the week.
Lots of luv AMES X

Friday, 8 April 2011

The lesser spotted tree surgeon seen in South Devon.

Not often I wake up on a gloriously sunny day and find someone in a tree outside the cottage window.
The lesser spotted tree surgeon isn't often seen around here.

Once on the ground they tend to be pretty nimble, skipping along the river bank, you have to be quick to photograph them.

Then straight up a tree again.
Blending back into the undergrowth.

It's been so like Summer the past three days it's been far too good to stay inside.

The bee's are back. Except, this one which was flying around our kitchen. Our new floor looks great but it can't be that interesting to a beautiful queen bee. Gently captured and put out in the garden to roam.

We even have strawberry plants in flower.Growing Tomato plants.Especially snapped for Caroline, our tomato contest is still going. As I haven't been around in blog land this week I have lots to catch up on, especially Caroline's blog to see how her plants are growing.

Good weather also brings Frank out into the garden, the tweeting of nesting birds is a thrill far too good to miss.  He's another year old, hopefully slower this year. Or hopefully the birds will be quicker.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Door ways.

We needed some time off, that's just what we have had this weekend.
I bet your wondering who is standing at this door. I'll admit, it was a few years ago, this is one of the photo's we had in the attic. Karina is a few years older, so is Mark. We no longer have our black Labrador Grace or little Pops.  Grace would also appear when her other name of Disgrace was used.
Pops was a rescue. I went to the shop one day and came back with a Cocker spaniel that I literally picked up from the road. It's a very long story, just lets say, Pops spent six happy years with us. We were so upset when she went. We were never ever going to have another dog.  Unless of cause it was female, black and white and a spaniel....


Amie might be an old girl now, but she is still first at the door when we have visitors. 
Unless she's asleep.

Quality time on the beach this weekend catching up with Becca and Mark.

For all Stonehenge fans.

Becca and Mark have exactly the same car as us. Same make, same colour, same year.

Even the same kind of keys. But not neccessily the same when the car keys have been swapped over.
We were a few days too late for April Fools day, although it had the same effect. Mark couldn't understand why he couldn't get into his car...

Not every one was fooled.
Say bye-bye Ames, we'll see Mark and Becca again soon.

There are lots of shaggy dog stories around, meet Bungle. A new dog on the block in blog land.