Sunday, 26 June 2011

Monkeying around

We've been monkeying around a bit this week.

Passing Stonehenge the day after the Summer Solstice, ah, look rain.........

It's defiantly Summer, with so much rain,. Not moaning though as it's been making everything grow in our garden.

Our veggie garden is doing really well now that we've had a good downpour

We've even picked our first tomatoes.

This is a photo I took of a goat when we were at the zoo the other day, he had that happy, smiley face that I love to see.

What has this red panda to do with the next photo ?

Similar colouring maybe.. this is the only photo we have of this little two and a half year old guy.
The only photo so far ! 
We know he likes squeaky toys.
We'll let you know more about him during the week.....

I'll give you a small clue where he might be heading

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Teignmouth Folk Festival June 2011

Nearing Mid Summer..

Mid Summer means Morris Dancing

Three kinds so you can take your pick as to which one you like best.

 Everyone was having a great time, we had to join in.

Soggibottom Cottage is still here, slightly quieter than it has been. We never thought for one moment we would miss Amie's resounding snores, a dish of ice cream doesn't quite have the same appeal as it did..
Thank you so much for all cards and mail we have had over the last 17 days.
We never realised Amie Soto Blossom knew so many from every corner of the world.
She was a popular little dog around the village where we live and one of the happiest little dogs that you would ever wish to meet. Loved by everyone, most of all loved and adored by all at Soggibottom.


and Mew are still here.

We have been out and about slightly more than usual over the last few days, so have lots of happy snaps to share during the coming weeks.

This is a happy guy that waves to passing cars around Torbay. He's become quite a local celebrity, so much so, he now opens fetes. When he allows himself time off from waving at passing traffic..

We also went to our local Zoo to help some that live there from getting too bored.

 I'm never to sure when going to a Zoo, who is watching who.

Nearer home, our tomatoes are starting to turn red and are nearly ready to pick.

Caroline  still has a few days to catch up, so the tomato challenge isn't over yet.

Where ever you are on Mid Summer;s Day even if it's raining, have a fantastic day.
No one start counting down to Christmas just yet.

We still have places to go and people to see.

Thursday, 2 June 2011