Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The most important things in your life...........

I had better put some art on here or I will be in trouble.
Karina our darling daughter and young Tilly May.

Karina normally works on a huge canvas, this is quite small. But as usual, Karina out does me, with her paint brush.

I haven't been completely idol, although not quite in the same league as my daughter.

Thanks to Mark for modelling his new scarf.

This is where you normally find Mark behind the lens of a camera.

As you might have guessed we went to see the mob at the weekend. Kiann, Jake and Tilly May.

Freya made the most of her nose.

She saw Mr Chops.

Made sure that Becca's lap only had room for her.

On the way back home,

we even stopped here.

Freya can tell you all about it on CATFLAP CAVALIER

Thanks guys, we had a great day.  Freya is still getting over all the excitement.....

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Soggibottom's Valentine Giveaway results 2012

It's true, the donkey we brought back from the donkey sanctuary is going away.

Someone is going to be smiling.

It takes a lot to make Frank smile.

 Even the tulips were smiling. 

The bear in the cottage window was ready and waiting.

The numbers went into a crystal vase.

With the official adjudicator watching and working the camera.

Number two comment, from Mary Ann.
If Mary Ann would like to send me her snail mail address, donkey will be heading on over our bridge to you. 

I didn't get around to thanking everyone before for entering Freya's giveaway donkey. There are new blogs yet to visit, thanks to everyone who clicked to follow Soggibottom and entered the giveaway.
I hate to disapoint anyone, so you are all quite welcome to share some roses.

Or you can head on over to Freya and The Cat Flap Cavalier to see what Freya is looking for.
Have a very happy Valentine's day..........

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Donkey Managment for pups

We promised Freya Rose Blossom she could have an intensive donkey management course.

This is only part of the course

There is always so much to see at Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary.

You can see for yourself inside the barn there is a live webcam HERE

Freya had a great afternoon with the donkey's.

We thought we would bring this little fellow home with us for a February giveaway.
Followers only please, although your welcome to join Soggibottom. I think this little guy will travel well, there is no limit to where in the world he can be sent. It would also be a good thought if you would tell everyone else and give a link back here so they have a chance to hug him too.

You can find Freya Rose Blossom's account of her day at Catflap Cavalier HERE
The closing date for the giveaway will be on 

Tuesday. 14th February, 2012. 8.00 p.m.. G.M.T.

Until then we promise donkey will be in good hands.

Cute little critters

They are cute little critter's aren't they ?

Their mum and dad were found beside a road in Crete.  They sat there waiting for their owners to return and their owners, (GOOD GUYS)... notice my English sarcasm here, never returned!
They sat there all day, Judith and her husband passed them on their way to work, when they noticed that they were in the same spot on their return journey home, they stopped and picked both up from the road.They saved them from being run over.  I won't mention flea's ............

Gissie (adoptive name) gave birth to pups just before Christmas...the obvious reason why both dogs were left on the side of the road.
Although watching our late night tv news. Greece has has a melt down with the Euro. I try and wonder who one earth would want to abandoned such beautiful little dogs, even  though times are tough.............
I have stolen Judith's photo's from her blog.. I hope she will forgive me. SORRY ............. Judith forgive me....
Judith is desperate to find beautiful ALWAYS homes for the pups and their mum and dad.
Judith already has one adoptive dog that has had a hard time coping with with a normal loving life because of her previous owner. Lucky is one of my favorite dogs on blogger............Only a few will understand why.

Judith's photo's again........

Most Soggibottom dog sweater's have the same reaction.

One pup has a promised home in The Netherlands. Just waiting for a plane............
 Judith and Ian haven't asked for help, but we feel that we would like to offer any that we can.
 If you know someone or some organisation, or you might be that special person who can give a home to one of the pups or their parents, then the link to JUDITH  is  HERE , Judith has email and will email you back if you can help. Although I am sure any advice or encouragement will be equally welcome. Just knowing your there helps, when your up to your armpits in pups.......................

On this occasion Frank is totally innocent.

For those that follow Frankie de tabby on his face book page.

Would Frankie de tabby fib  !
He is really soft pussycat at heart................

Nothing but an honest LIFETIME home will do........... 
A pup, that NEEDS special love and care. These are really SPECIAL DOGS....Special PUPS.............  But for Ian and Judith, they wouldn't be here........... 
I know that there are so many out there that need a home, so many that say, never again to four paws, after their beloved companions go to the place we can't yet follow. I am sure that is worded properly... Please don't mention a bridge here because we have a bridge that is the only way over the stream to our cottage.

 This side of the bridge is the best place EVER... but there are other places, you don't need a bridge,

Photo's from Judith's blog.

You can help, you might not have room, but you never know, your friends just might know  a special home.
By giving a link to Judith's blog, you might find a home for the pups.  DO IT. Links and links, well, you never know.............
It's not always what you know but who you know, or who your friends know. Worth a try........

Freya Rose Blossom is on her Donkey Management course in the morning, she doesn't know it yet..........We are sure she will pass it with flying colours just as Amie Soto Blossom did......
For all my friendly bloggers out there, I am now calling in a favour. Not for something I am giving for free, for all the times I hoped I have made you smile and there is a happy ending..... give Judith a link .............
No freebie at the end, I know Soggibottom followers all have hearts that are worth their weight in gold........... You TOO :-) I know who you are, just post and link............ 
Lots of love as always............. Freya, Rose Blossom and Frankie de tabby.......they are getting more comments than me..... love ;em :-) 
Guys do your best................. This post doesn't require comments............ !  Although I will be watching :-) Just give Judith a link, the pups will thank you for it.............................. XXXXXXXXXXX luvs X

Sunday, 5 February 2012

High Tide and The Girl Rona.

Our normal Sunday morning routine walking along Teignmouth sea front.

Our favourite fishing boat The Girl Rona from Teignmouth was still on her side.

The weather was calm this morning, they were waiting for high tide to upright her.

Anxious onlookers from the shore line looked on.

By now The girl Rona is upright and if not quite back home she soon will be.

A photo of Jake when he was here last Summer, Jake was very taken with the Teignmouth Life Boat. Well done last week with the rescue of The Girl Rona's crew guys. The life boat was slightly damaged, but I would imagine as soon as the life boat was ready, she was rearing to go out again if needed.

This is the working deck of another small coastal fishing boat, this is one that has Looe in Cornwall as it's home port. I wouldn't want to work in all weather's on the sea in such a space.

Anyone who works on water has our utmost admiration .

Freya, apart from watching the fishing boat rescue had a great 2 hour walk this morning.
The only trace that the boat was off shore was one dead fish, not sure how the seagulls missed that, but I know someone who found it.

She had a great time meeting new faces.

A 16 week old German Shepherd. He still has to learn how to behave.

Nose to nose with other beach loving dogs.

Home and watching Penguins on T.V. on a Sunday afternoon, not a bad life.

Your definitely not The Girl Rona's new mascot Frank.

We think someone else might fit the bill.  

Good luck with your boat guys............. X X X