Saturday, 21 February 2015

Strange Soggibottom.

Soggibottom cottage. Daft name for a cottage, unless your a happy go lucky guy and know that is the name that suits the place you live.

Tony the soggibottom carpenter, such a happy go lucky guy.

I have borrowed, pinched, stolen borrowed can be forgiven and it is the word that suits. I have borrowed the photo's from a friend.
They show my very happy go lucky, tomorrow is another day, beautiful caring, guy at his best.
Skilled, articulate, caring, loving, peaceful. Just a few words.

Over the last few months it has been very hard to keep up two blogs and try to pretend nothing has been different.
It has been a strange time when one of us always tells others who have asked he is fine. Still told me was fine a few seconds before he left soggibottom.

I miss my blog proof reader.
I will dearly miss the brave guy who has never ever complained once when he has been in so much pain over the last few months. My guy. Tony, I hope somewhere you are proof reading this and approve. Short and ultra sweet. I never do short and sweet. This might be a bit longer.

I promise to blog, such silly things, never to be a diva and never not care. Always be myself.
Feed and house the bees, feed the birds. Take mutt out to our usual haunts. Cuddle her lots and hug her more because she misses you already and has gone so very quiet.....
Just like Soggibottom. It is very quiet.........
Thank everyone who has already sent such lovely words and cards.
Thanks again to all those that say. BLOG AGAIN.
Thank you most to someone who has always given me a good perspective on the most important things of life.... Silly stuff is silly stuff and things are just JUNK, things..... replaceable. You my dearest husband are irreplaceable.
Thank you for teaching me the most important things, love, laugh and care.
Not to be my usual outspoken self too much :-)
I won't forget. I promise x x x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


From 12 kilos last September.

Freya Rose Blossom is now a healthier 9.9 kilo's. An acceptable weight for her size.
Maybe she is slower at snaffling cat food or maybe we have been quicker at removing left overs from Frankie de tabby.
:-) xxx