Sunday, 25 February 2018


Most things are precious to me. Time is most precious of all. I never seem to have enough time in my day to do all the things I want to do let alone all the things I LOVE TO DO.
Hello again Soggibottom blog.

Have missed you and all my friends greatly. But healing time was needed and my excuse is that,  I AM A WIDOW YER KNOW. :-)
After three years it must be time to come back.

Hopefully anyone reading this, will have a smile on their face and laugh with me during the next year or so, I hope :-)  because Soggibottom hasn't gone anywhere. She is still here and still feels the same as the first time I walked through the door.

Actually the first time I walked through the door I thought OH !
My face must have been a picture but it was never recorded on camera.

What a mess.

Anyone that has visited Soggibottom knows she has a warm feeling that creeps through and it's a calm that sinks right to your bones. You can do anything with such kind, calm thoughts that hit you when you walk through a door (to a mess of OH BOY... how can we buy this and fix it ?).
We did.
Tony and I became cottage keepers :-)
We fixed her. Not that she needed much fixing really.
Ten or so years :-)
We did things over time.
Little old cottage saved me years ago. Moving house and leaving all that you know is not all as it's cracked up to be.
I think it must be in the top twenty of things you shouldn't do if you really don't need to be stressed.  Don't move house, don't pack all that you have, do not follow a hired van with all your worldly goods plus beloved rabbit in the back and follow it so some unknown place you know nothing about just because your other half decide he needs a new job after seeing an advert. HE GOT THE JOB.
Selling most that you have and downsizing into a little house that you hate then go house hunting again...
Was it fun ?
After two years of looking, THERE SHE WAS..... perfectly awful little cottage. 

Being a widow isn't all it's cracked up to be either, but as my beautiful aunt once told me when I asked her, "how do I do this ? ".
She replied, you just do. She was right. I still have her voice on my answer phone and when I need to hear her voice I replay it. SAD... I KNOW.

Somewhere in I cloud where ever that is :-)
I have a perfect picture of my aunt and I.

My youngest lad tonight. Mum are you in ?.
Well..... will be.
Mutts bless em walked and they never ever get a quick walk around the park at the back of the cottage anymore. WE GO PLACES .

Mum for all her knowing about silly things, really messed up shiny laptop that had so much STUFF on it.

Things are still there. Just not at the moment....... Mum, has a new laptop. So forgive mistakes :-) 
Mark, fixed old one by putting it into a bin. NO !
Hey at least this one will let me in and I don't have to threaten it or give it awful passwords.
Little guy bless him brought me a new one. 

It's not been easy over the last few years. But life really does go on to all my beloved friends I have met here. What ever life gives you. Nothing that can't be over come.With a bit of thought and time.

You NOSE WHO YOU ARE :-)  which leads me to a meeting last month in the cold. I can't drive and take pics, so no pics.
Awfully cold day and windy. But mutts and I and Delores and our beloved daughter's too.
Aren't we the luck ones... yes we are. xxx

They will both hate me for this but as I love them both they will forgive me. What a cold day :-)

Cold day but YES my dear friend's I really do smile lots :-)
Give loving hugs and drove three hours... ha well... was WORTH IT........... XXX
Freya hasn't done a post on her blog yet, she snores, well, actually she doesn't she is asleep after a long day. But she will be over at her blog.  With the pest she loves and hates :-)
She is back too.

WE IS BACK !!!!!!!!
Too all my loved friends I have met on blogger. Am still here, no need to say I am back... :-) Luvs x