Friday, 26 February 2010

Napoleon Bonaparte and Two Cavaliers

We have two Cavaliers at the cottage, I know everyone knows this one !
Where does Napoleon Bonaparte come in ?

After spending so much time inside this Winter what better way to pass a sunny morning than a walk along the beach. Amie and I often stroll up and down this one.

We pass this building which until a few months ago was a restaurant and pub. Now it has refurbishment big time and is being turned into a hotel.

During the Napoleonic Wars it used to be a hospital for French prisoners.

After Napoleons defeat at Waterloo he was exiled to St Helena.
Everyone knows that. He did however land in England once.
The only place he ever put foot on British Soil was here.
He was aboard the ship H.M.S. Bellerophon and allowed to visit the French prisoners at the hospital.

You can walk along history's path every day and never know it.

This is the other Cavalier, I promised ages ago I would show one of the better second hand old bears to look out for.


This little guy has been in the family for about 30 years.
Only his paw pads have been recovered. Not by me I add.
Although I did make his Cavalier suit about ten years ago.
When you have a lovely old ted PROTECT HIM if you can by clothing and a hat to keep him dust free.

Try not to let your heart rule your head with old teddy bears....................
Before anyone asks... no, he is not called Napoleon........ he's called Bruce.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Cossack at Soggibottom Cottage

It's not often that I am speechless.

Who said, "we know"?

This morning the postman rang the doorbell as I lazily thought about getting out of bed.
A parcel from Russia. Inside the parcel one authentic Russian Cossack outfit lovingly made to fit the Soggibottom Bear from Polina. I have yet to add his boots from his wardrobe but couldn't wait to put on his new Cossack suit. He has sat watching the world go by in his new outfit all day.

Polina also sent some Russian chocolate, we decided the bear is getting slightly porky and we might have to help him out with it. I am not quite sure how to say thank you as I am so taken aback at Polina's generosity. THANK YOU POLINA X X X X X X X

I normally make his outfits that he wears during his time watching and keeping an eye on the cottage from the window. I never made this one, but it is definitely one of his best.

Have to add here....
Soggibottom has a twitter account thing....
I hum.... hardly use a mobile if I can help it...... so should be fun..... keep warm to all those that still have snow...
Spring really isn't far off, I am sure it has arrived here in Devon...... I can Feel It ! x x x

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Frog and Toad

We would like to thank Frog, Mark and Becca for a great welcome at Ferry Cottage yesterday.
That is Frog........ guess which one is the toad ?
Very rarely will you see me in a photo.
Like the rare days when I see the sun come up.

I did see the sun come up yesterday morning, a very rare day indeed.

The road we take on our journey always passes Stonehenge, so how could I disappoint anyone by not putting yet another Stonehenge pic on here. (Taken from a different angle... maybe.....or maybe not).

It made a great change me nosing around someone else's cottage.
Ferry Cottage is older than Soggibottom and dates back to Tudor times.

Trying to be polite I took photo's of the river Wey from the windows.
This is Alice in Wonderland Country.
Charles Dodgson (LEWIS CARROLL) lived around here at the time of writing Alice in Wonderland.
The house he used to live in is in walking distance from the very spot you are looking at.
I wish I had taken more photo's for you but we were on a tight schedule yesterday.

We had so much to do.
Playing outside with Tilly May.

Going to the shops.

Going in and out of someone else's cat flap.
Amie would have done if she was slim enough and not got stuck.

Having lots of fuss from Kiann.

Playing Wiiiiiiiiii thing- a- me- jigs with Jake.

Fossil lessons about the things we pick up on Charmouth beach.

Enough to make you dog tired and head back home.

In time to watch the sun go down.

Thanks to everyone for all their generous comments and mail about Teddy in the last post. Forgive me if I haven't yet got around to saying how lovely it is to hear from everyone.

Soggibottom has a Gorgeous Blog Award, thank you Polina.
One of my favorite awards as it is to share and pass on.
Which I will do during the week.

Have a great weekend, Amie and I are not going to watch the sunrise in the morning !

Monday, 15 February 2010

Restoring Teddy... Teddy is ready to go home.

Here is Philips Teddy.......
For all that have followed him over the last few posts.

I don't think I can do any more for him.

I know you have seen his picture when he arrived at the cottage.
Sad little soul....
You can see he was loved to bits... almost in bits......

The finished result.

Perkins doesn't look so smug now does he ?

Guys I have a busy week ahead, so please don't think I have forgotten you if I don't post for a while. Showing you Teddy is something I really wanted to do as everyone keeps emailing and asking me about him...
He is ready to go home. I know that his owners have seen his photo's so I hope they don't mind that I now show you.
We thought he looked rather distinguished. He has the air of a retired gentleman.. He has a suit to protect his aged "bits".
I am rubbish at making hats for bears, but all that is missing is a Panama hat.

Now I am going to have with drawl symptoms until my next bear challenge....


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Caroline's Spud

I have won a potato...


But Caroline's give a way painting of one.....

How on earth Caroline painted so many for the commission she under took is beyond me.

I have teased her for ages and no, I don't feel guilty for teasing. O.K. Maybe I should....

Every time a new painting was finished I could hear her breath a sigh of relief.

I have a "spot" for this little guy on the cottage wall.

I only ever have very real art on the walls.

You should never include mine !

Thank you Caroline...hey guys she does commissions and is really good.

Click HERE to travel over to see . x x x

Friday, 12 February 2010

Beary Happy Valentine's Day

The needle felted hearts are an unfinished project with felt I made a while ago.

WHEN finished it's going to be framed and heading for a space on a wall at the top of the stairs.
Valentine's day......... just another day............Valentine's day for me is every day of the year..................
To the other half that lives at Soggibottom.... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY


(The other half has promised to make a rustic frame for my rustic art) x x x x

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Teddy bear GROWLERS

I have been asked by various emails this week...
What is a growler?
Here is ted's growler/ his voice box.. The cardboard and metal round thing set among teds wood this case it was teds tum....
Tip me up and I talk box. Except bears mostly GROWL........

I take it for granted that because I know what I am talking about (well sometimes, not always) I expect everyone else to understand......
To remind you how Teddy looked the day he arrived at the cottage the photo is above.
He is very well, and still enjoying his stay at the cottage...
Still climbing on the furniture and having lots of Devon cream teas while he watches Television.
I have had to limit the T.V. time thankfully he has borrowed a Rupert Bear Book from the Soggibottom Bear which seems to keep him happy enough.

The after.......

I'm still working on him and finishing off.
His owner has to see him first looking beary smart, then I will show you again.
I have to be careful, as I am getting rather attached to him....... AH !
Teddy is nearly ready to go home. HE IS EATING ME OUT OF DEVON CREAM TEA'S ...
I think he is going home fatter than he arrived.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Totnes Growler

We made a quick visit to Totnes this morning to find a new growler for you know who.

Driving along Dartmoor looked great from a distance, thought you might enjoy the scene.

Quiet in Totnes. The growler shop is further up and past the arch.
The Tudor house opposite the van is the museum. In case you ever need to know.

Back home. It snowed again......

I put the wood wool away.
Growler is in place along side his original that hardly let out a purr.

Now he has a voice he is getting slightly pushy.
Climbing on the furniture.

Watching far too much television..... Might be getting spoilt....

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Soggibottom bear hospital.

Philip's bear has had a bath, I'm sure he enjoyed it by the look of his face.

I had to play around with acrylic paints........
I could have gone slightly darker but decided to stop while I was ahead.
Why is it when you paint, you always end up with brown ?
When you need to make the colour brown it's hard work.

The new pad is pinned on, the other one is the original.
I had to phone a friend and ask her about the paw pads, I couldn't make out what the original ones were made from.

It seems that Philip's bear is post 2nd world war II. They used to paint on material to give the look of leather because of material shortages....

Here is the finished paw pad.....

I haven't quite finished his paws but I took all the pins out before I put him to bed.

As you see he is coming together...........................

Friday, 5 February 2010

Restoring Philips 54 year old Teddy Bear

Here is the guest we were expecting at the cottage. A much loved 54 year old called Teddy.

Poor little soul, I hate it when they have no eyes.

Luckily for Teddy they came with him in his box this morning.

We have resumed painting the cottage walls, for a while Teddy had to sit in the cottage window.

That's better, he has eyes again. I've also had a chance to put my own glasses on and look at him properly.

He might be with us for a while as I intend to take my time with a few repairs.
At least Perkins knows how he feels. Is it me or has Perkins got a smug look on his face?

I thought we would play safe and give him a pair of glasses till he gets used to his eyes again. At least they will see him through the week.

THAT IS NOT MY JOKE........... !