Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Frankie de tabby.

I will leave this to your imagination as I know anyone with old paws, dog or cat knows exactly how it can be.
I am around guys, but so busy that other things take up my time.

Freya is over at her own blog The Cat Flap Cavalier. A few days ago she was picking out her very own boat.


Frankie de tabby, Freya Rose Blossom and I hope where ever you are this Summer you are having a brilliant time :-) x x x 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Chatsworth House July 2015

Thank you so much to my friend Julie and her husband Mike for inviting Freya Rose Blossom and me to gatecrash their short break from work this week.
From the South West, keep heading NORTH.. I did that and I got lost.
Never trust sat navs, always have a map book and read it properly.
I found amazing English scenery I had never viewed before as I drove along roads trying to find my way to Chatsworth.
Two hours later after having had a great time I found Chatsworth house.
I found the farm shop I have to be honest then Mike and Julie came to my rescue.

Chatsworth House.


Freya Rose Blossom and I had the pleasure of meeting my DOG DAUGHTER at last.

Princess Leah in the Furrs and FUR REAL.

The hunting tower stands high above everything else. It's in the middle of the photo in the far distance.

How did that happen ?

Must have been Magic !
If I hadn't have driven so many miles today I would show you more.

Boy oh boy !!!!!

Freya is over at her CATFLAP CAVALIER blog. Joined by Princess Leah.
More of Chatters a way house photo's to follow soon.

Freya Rose Blossom, Princes Leah, Julie and I, promise.
 :-) xxx

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Soggibottom Rag Doll makes more smiles happen.

Your welcome Evie-May. Enjoy your doll, but as always you will have to tell me what you call her.
:-) x x x 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Devon Teddy Bear Hospital

A few weeks ago I was asked if I could help Lionel. Lionel is such a beautiful old bear how could I refuse.

Lionel normally sits in the window of a house over looking Plymouth Sound. If only teddy bears could talk. Lionel must have the most astounding views at his look out post.
A while ago his arms had to be totally replaced. It's a sad fact no matter how much we love and take care of our teddy bears, they age.

Lionel as you can see needed some new paw pads this time.

He spent a few days here at Soggibottom.

Until his owner came to pick him up.

Joani and Lionel reunited. 
I do love a happy ending.  

Soggibottom's cottage blog is back, up and running again. 
Freya is as always over at The Cat Flap Cavalier.  

Thank you to everyone for all their messages, flowers and especially for all the love sent to the cottage over the last few months. 

See you all soon :-) x x x

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Strange Soggibottom.

Soggibottom cottage. Daft name for a cottage, unless your a happy go lucky guy and know that is the name that suits the place you live.

Tony the soggibottom carpenter, such a happy go lucky guy.

I have borrowed, pinched, stolen borrowed can be forgiven and it is the word that suits. I have borrowed the photo's from a friend.
They show my very happy go lucky, tomorrow is another day, beautiful caring, guy at his best.
Skilled, articulate, caring, loving, peaceful. Just a few words.

Over the last few months it has been very hard to keep up two blogs and try to pretend nothing has been different.
It has been a strange time when one of us always tells others who have asked he is fine. Still told me was fine a few seconds before he left soggibottom.

I miss my blog proof reader.
I will dearly miss the brave guy who has never ever complained once when he has been in so much pain over the last few months. My guy. Tony, I hope somewhere you are proof reading this and approve. Short and ultra sweet. I never do short and sweet. This might be a bit longer.

I promise to blog, such silly things, never to be a diva and never not care. Always be myself.
Feed and house the bees, feed the birds. Take mutt out to our usual haunts. Cuddle her lots and hug her more because she misses you already and has gone so very quiet.....
Just like Soggibottom. It is very quiet.........
Thank everyone who has already sent such lovely words and cards.
Thanks again to all those that say. BLOG AGAIN.
Thank you most to someone who has always given me a good perspective on the most important things of life.... Silly stuff is silly stuff and things are just JUNK, things..... replaceable. You my dearest husband are irreplaceable.
Thank you for teaching me the most important things, love, laugh and care.
Not to be my usual outspoken self too much :-)
I won't forget. I promise x x x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


From 12 kilos last September.

Freya Rose Blossom is now a healthier 9.9 kilo's. An acceptable weight for her size.
Maybe she is slower at snaffling cat food or maybe we have been quicker at removing left overs from Frankie de tabby.
:-) xxx

Saturday, 24 January 2015

The beach

Thanks to everyone who has commented on Soggibottom's blog and Cat Flap Cavalier, not forgetting the ratty ol cat's Facebook page over the last few weeks.

We are here and will be blogging. Might not be commenting on blogs but will be reading.

Didn't want anyone to think we had forgotten them.

Mutt will be back over at her blog CAT FLAP CAVALIER  during the weekend.
Till then as she always says, Luvs x x x

Monday, 19 January 2015

My first dog.

So many old photo's in an album. Some of them I have never seen.

Some of them I can remember being taken but haven't seen for years.

My mum, me and my Nana. I was in hospital and tried to bite my lip to stop crying as I knew they were about to go. Kids know these things.
My kids know this memory because I grow sweet peas in our garden when I can. A memory I often relay to them, now I can say this is the photo, my sense of smell takes me back to sweet pea's.
The flowers in my arms, need you guess.

An even earlier photo. one of a fat faced little kid and another dog. Looking at the photo, I don't know my mum and dad or my Nana by looking at them.  They are so thin.  Fat little kid who isn't smiling.

Same era, same place. Me, my mum and my Nana who taught me to sew. We were at Lands End in Cornwall, again in the LATE 50's. I best tell you it was the LATE 50's, incase anyone thinks it was even earlier which would make me even older.

Yep, misery in the middle again.

A few years on and here I am in Wales. I was three years old, can't remember this photo being taken.

Going back in time again, I can't remember this one being taken either, but it was in Lands End in Cornwall.

Thanks to two of our very grown up kids and my daughter in law Becca this weekend who took time out to come and visit us.They all have their own very special busy lives to lead.

Not forgetting a very special Skype call from Cambodia.

I always love water.

Love hot weather.

Love cats. if you look, that is a ginger cat in that dolls pram.

Always loved my dogs so much that they become a detraction from things I should other wise be doing. I never loved my hair.

Always loved my kids.
To my dear husband who had been on and on and on at me to DO A SOGGIBOTTOM BLOG POST.

Here it is, and when you ask do I love you and I ask,"what have you done  now" ?

You will smile and say, "I haven't done a thing". Then you will laugh !
I will probably say silly devil. OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

Thanks mum for keeping such precious memories.
 x x x
My proof reader might not be available at times but I promise to do my best and stay away from silly distractions.
I will do Soggibottom posts and remember that no matter what comes along, always smile, never moan and groan about the things that happen in life that you can't change.
English saying, best foot forward, upwards and onwards. Promise to see you all soon. Probably very soon.... 

Freya has a blog of her own which is a great distraction. Sometimes that mutt needs to focus.