Monday, 10 November 2014

The Mad Monkey water project at Soggibottom.

The Soggibottom bears are still around. One Panda, ready to make his way over our little bridge before Christmas.
Many thanks to everyone who viewed and donated to the The tuk tuk project.
The tuk tuk project was a couple of posts ago on Soggibottom, but if you missed it click on the link above it will give you all the information you need.
I have it in good authority the amount raised so far is over Fifty Thousand Dollars.
Enough to buy and help the up keep of a tuk tuk. At night time it can be converted to a mobile Taco canteen selling taco's to help sustain The Sala Monkey School in Cambodia.

It's great to know, not everyone puts their head in the sand like Freya Rose Blossom.

Freya digs holes along the beach as a duck takes to water.

Freya is an expert digger, woe behold anyone who travels along the same path on the beach as Freya in the dark.

Luckily the tide has come back in and filled all her beautifully dug holes up by then. Digging is most defiantly her specialty.

One of my friends reminded me Soggibottom and water go together well.
Winter has arrived here in Devon, at the moment it means rain and rising water levels. Our first flood warning of the year has already been given.
Winter for Soggibottom means never being complacent about the recent ditch water relief channel that was constructed last year to help the village where we live with flooding.

Once bitten, twice shy and all that.
Or in our case bitten as in quite a few times of having our home flooded. At least it gives a great perspective of how lucky we are living in this part of the world where "STUFF", really is just stuff and it gets fixed. It dries out and eventually we go back to normal.
We can still turn on the water tap and know if the ditch and river outside has gruesome water in it, at least our tap water is clean.

Way back in the Summer on one of our walks with Freya we noticed how stagnant the water was on our lake walk. It had been hot and no rain for weeks. The water was a beautiful shade of green, Pike were gasping for breath at the surface of the water. Although it was a hot day, it didn't look good to paddle in let alone want to drink. We wouldn't let Freya dip her paws into the green stinking water. It was so bad, we gave our lake walks a miss for ages.

There is another Mad Monkey project that's ongoing. Clean water.
So far 20 newly dug wells are already helping communities that have no access to clean water in Cambodia.
By clicking on the link below you can see for yourself. Clean water means health.

The Mad Monkey clean water project.
 It will make you think twice the next time you go to your own water source. 

Freya Rose Blossom can be found over at the CAT FLAP CAVALIER in puppy mode. 
She also has a new blanket, it's not just the new colour which seems to suit her. She's warm, cozy, her drinking bowl is full to the brim of crystal clear Adam's ale. CLEAN WATER.

:-) xxx