Thursday, 31 October 2013

All Hallows Eve 2013

You never know who is going to come over our little bridge these days.
Tonight we are watching for expected visitors to come knocking on the door.

Although this week it's been one of the quietest weeks we have had in the last nine months. Hardly a yellow coat to be seen around here. No large lorries passing our window. No concrete lorry coming and going, no stone mason's, no fencing people, no digging machines, no noise. It's like the good quiet ol days we used to remember.

We have a new front wall, waiting to be painted, a new road outside, a new water relief channel. THAT WORKS.

 Our little Medieval bridge has been fixed TWICE. Best not to ask why it had to be fixed twice.

 Just waiting for Soggibottom to have a whole new coat of paint to make her look clean and bright on the outside, with more rain heading our way over the next few days, that might have to be postponed.

We even survived the big storm last week.

This time last year things around the cottage were looking more than grim.  After being flooded four times last October our flooding problem was getting a bit out of hand.  We weren't the only one's around the village to have water in their door. One thing we know for sure, when you try and fight flooding, you seem as if you are well and truly on your own as you bucket water out of your house.

This October we are more confident that we are going to stay dry inside.

There are still outstanding issues to resolve about the course the stream takes as it passes Soggibottom Cottage. Our new water relief channel is actually taking more water along it than it should, now making it the main water flow of the stream. The old stream has a trickle of water. If the old water course dries up and silts, then we will need a deeper water relief channel. As I said, there are still outstanding issues.  The park at the back of the cottage is still a flood plain. Nothing will change that.

On the whole, things around here are starting to come together at long last.  Which also means more time to get back into the swing of updating Soggibottom's blog, and going back to the usual enjoyable things of life. 

You'll find miss mutt over at Cat flap Cavalier as usual.

Have a great All Hallows Eve.
:-) x x x 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Paws crossed.

Power of the paw tonight on the eve of all hallows. Our friend  young Tweedles.

Soggibottom will update soon, in the mean time, young Tweedles needs some good thoughts. She is a brave little soul who will quite happily take the good thoughts of the power of the paw if you send them. x x x

Friday, 11 October 2013

Medieval Bridge builder 2013 style. South Devon Village by-pass.

Our little medieval bridge is being repaired AGAIN.. the last time it was repaired was sometime in 1600.
 I couldn't resist sharing this guy who seems so happy in his work. Lovely guy, I have never seen him without a smile on his face. Mind you, he hasn't been around working on this side of the bridge very long. We have had the pleasure of his smiling face for a few short weeks.

A snag hit our new water relief channel at the beginning of last week. After a huge downpour of rain, we thought all was well, the water was channeled down the new DITCH water relief channel, all seemed great until we noticed the water level in the natural course of the stream had dropped drastically the next day.

The normal flow of the stream was down to hardly a trickle of water.

This is where the new water relief channel meets the stream. the edge of the water relief channel is too low.
All the water is being directed straight down the water relief channel.
Er... water relief channel ?
Isn't a water relief channel supposed to take water to relieve the natural stream when it rains heavily, to help with possible flooding and not take all the water, so that the natural stream dries up and gets over grown with weeds natural plants.

After a day away yesterday we came back to find the answer to all our problems of flooding.
Devon County Council in their wisdom have come up with an answer. A bit of wood across the opening of the water relief channel.

That bit of wood makes the whole year seem worthwhile...before I say more and really get myself into hot water, thought it best if I show a calm scene, and other snaps the camera took yesterday.

Our two eldest granddaughters on their way home from school.

The hairy caterpillar Mr Chops.

Miss Stella.

Karina and her mum. 

Freya can be found over at catflap cavalier.

One more smile. Two of the rag dolls that were on here a few weeks ago found their way over the little bridge (dodging the holes), to their new home in the U.S. With the desired effect, just love that smile.

It's always good to near home after a long day out. Seeing huge machines on the road remind us one day, the village will have a new by pass, all the holiday traffic in the Summer months can get from one place to another a whole eight minutes quicker and then be stuck in another traffic jam further along the road. A spokesman from Devon County Council, earlier today told us that the stream will eventually level it's self out.. He hasn't actually seen this stream in full flow. We really hope he is right !
No one move that bit of wood........ Have a great weekend guys as always see you soon X