Friday, 17 May 2013

Soggibottom Dartmoor Hare Giveaway.

Last years usual December 7th Soggibottom Cottage giveaway wasn't cancelled, only postponed. Better late than never.
Two Dartmoor Hares in the photo are the last I am going to make from this pattern.

I thought you would like the chance to have the very last one all to yourself in a giveaway.

The only thing I ask is that you are a follower of Soggibottom's blog, if you aren't already you need only click and become one. 
Please let everyone know about the giveaway, either by posting about it or putting it on your blog side bar somewhere. Let me know you have done that, cos I check. :-)
Last of all, please make a comment on this post. When all that is done, then your entered in the giveaway, make sure I know where to contact you on June 1st 2013 when the giveaway will end. 
I forgot to mention, there are no restrictions about travel, Dartmoor hares can travel anywhere.  

It's been hard work putting the cottage back together after it was flooded last October. But we've made it, and life inside the cottage has gone back to normal.

Life outside is still quite different. We still have months of disruption to come while a new water channel is being built, the intention is to take extra water from the stream when there is a danger of flooding.  This is only the start of the new water channel.

Our little Medieval bridge, is unfortunately suffering from the amount of heavy traffic that's been traveling over it every day for quite a few weeks now... 

WE DO HAVE WEEKENDS OFF.... time to recover before it all starts again early on Monday mornings.

One good thing about the concrete lorries that are being used, they are slightly smaller than the large lorry loads of earth and spoil that are being taken away. Last Monday there were 21 spoil lorries that traveled over the little bridge. Times two, coming and going = 42 times to travel over the little bridge.

 No wonder the road surface is starting to break up under the strain. Unfortuanatly it's not just the road surface that has damage now.

This is a photo taken under the bridge. This little bridge isn't just a Medieval little marvel, it's our only way to and from the cottage to the outside world.

For the time being a steel plate has been placed over the damaged part of the bridge.

At our insistence the bridge will be monitored every Friday from now on.
Monitored by G.P.S   (Global Positioning Satellite)  would you believe it ?
Marvels of the modern world. I wonder what the original bridge builders would have thought.
They would have probably told the water channel builders to use another entry point because they could have.
Not one we can use but they could have done so and it would have been so much easier.
The original weight restriction of 7 and a half tons kept in place not suddenly changed to 40 tons over night...  This bridge was built for horse and carts, not heavy loads.

Crazy council's who in their haste to complete one job within a dead line make more work for themselves.
The bridge will eventually have some TLC. It's waiting for English Heritage to come and give their expert advice on how to repair it.  When all the lorries have finished.. obviously...

Where have we been over the last few weeks ?
On bridge watch.

It's not all doom and gloom this side of the bridge. We have a birthday to celebrate on Monday and the start of a giveaway which we always enjoy. 

Where did the last two years go Freya Rose Blossom ?
Freya Rose Blossom is over at the catflap cavalier 
Beautiful Birthday Girl. Happy BIRFDAY FREYA  X X X

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Soggibottom's May Day and Bank Holiday.......

Where ever you are in the world, we hope your having a great MAY BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND.
No noise :-) x x x