Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring 2012 and Scribblings

Our visitors left on Saturday, the whole cottage went very quiet all of a sudden as it tends to do when our kids leave.
Freya has had a very spoilt time with lots of attention. The pots of white paint are still where they were a couple of weeks ago, unused I'm sorry to say. We still need to paint the cottage walls. Anyone who loves heights and would like to climb a ladder is very welcome to come and join us. I promise I will hold your ladder steadily and won't wobble it. Would I ?

I have a few of Karina's five minute scribblings to frame this week.

One of Freya we decided looked good as a header for Freya's blog. Thanks kids, a joint effort from Mark and Karina.
At least now Karina is older she doesn't tend to hide her scribblings under her bed as she used to when she was 12 years old. She leaves them on the coffee table and I pick them up quickly.

Glorious sunshine yesterday.

Spring has arrived at last, better late than never.

Freya just loves the beach no matter what season it is.

You can catch up with Freya over at THE CATFLAP CAVALIER

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Looking for Antiques near The Mayflower Steps in Plymouth and Devonshire Cream Tea's

We've been antique hunting this week.

Oh, look at all the hat pins. My Nana used to use some like this.

These bears are a for sale, but they aren't old enough for me to take much interest in.. Sorry bears.........

We were looking around certain antique shops

near The Mayflower Steps in Plymouth.

Freya Rose Blossom's eye view.

It's tiring walking around when you only have little legs.

No matter what you might see.

There are some things that really shouldn't be there. IS IT US ?

After all that, what did we buy Miss dirty face ?

A post card.
This is a very special postcard because it tells you all about Devon Clotted Cream.

Call me lazy ! 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Needles or Tweety.

Things are taking so much longer to accomplish since Freya arrived. . Needle and cotton, or play with a Tweety bird that has been dragged around the garden, dribbled on, chewed a bit then plonked on my needle work.

We played with Tweety.

This morning, there was a strange light up in the sky, I remembered it's the sun. No playing with Tweety this morning, off to the beach.

Beautiful view on a day like today.

Good enough for a dog paddle.

A dainty dog paddle.

Soggibottom might not be around next week, the paint brushes are out again.  Time to throw and splash some paint on the cottage walls, inside and out. Looks like it's going to be good paint drying weather this week.
Freya might be a whole different colour when you see her next time.
We will do our best to keep her ruby good looks in order........
Freya can be found  HERE over at Catflap cavalier.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How to stop your dog from being car sick

Some dogs never have a problem riding in a car.
Amie Soto Blossom used to be well travelled, sitting in her place on the back seat of our car.
Amie would have said,

"Dogs that ride behind dog guards are taken places, a dog that sits on the back seat is chauffeured" Amie was defiantly chauffeured. Her every whim was catered for, especially as she got older

Freya also sits on the back seat of the car, in her own car bed, with her harness attached to another clip that goes into the rear seat belt. This still gives her the ability to move around and yet if we stop suddenly she is safe from falling off of the seat. Great, what on earth can be wrong with that ?.

Freya...... sufferers from the dribbles. Some days we only drive a few minutes down the road, other days half an hour goes by and the dribbles start.
A chance meeting today with a lady whose dog also used to be car sensitive gave us a remedy for car sickness.

Ordinary brown paper.

Brown paper placed under Freya's blanket.

Our trusty model Freya demonstrates, sitting in her bed, the brown paper under her blanket and being clipped into the back seat belt of the car. The older Freya is becoming, the more we notice she really should be chauffeured, not just taken places.

We weren't going far, only to the local pet store to see the pet rabbits.

This is one of Freya's favourite places because she gets so much fuss.

The rabbits are good, but the icing on the cake is the cookie she always has from the checkout lady.

Did the brown paper help the dribbles ?
SO FAR SO GOOD.... will keep you updated.
In the meantime, if you have any other known remedies, don't keep them all to yourself.
Before you mention it, I've never heard of brown paper before either, I'm open minded will try anything once.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Via Rumps Point 7 1/2 miles

Rumps Point ? We were tempted.
I'm sure Rumps Point would have had spectacular rugged views. The beauty of the Atlantic side of Cornwall. 

The path we took headed down into the small Cornish village of Port Issac. A day out away from our normal haunts in Devon.
Port Issac is also well known for it's location filming Doc Martin. In Doc Martin the village is known as Port Wenn.

The village nestles between steep hills. I'm sure the film crew were ecstatic carrying their camera equipment up and down.

If you ever visit, the best route down to the quay is by the coastal path and not the main streets. Unless you have the stamina of a mountain goat.

The coastal path from this point might look like a mini wall of China, but it's the best route to the bottom of the village.

What ever route down, it's not a climb for the faint hearted. You can drive down, but the roads are narrow typical of small Cornish coastal villages. I'm still wondering if the car that squeezed it's self past us as we walked along is still trying to find a way out.
The beach car park is also closed to visitors at this time of year.

Local traffic and digging Freya Rose Blossom's only.

Ist of March and not a tourist in sight.

Only one very nosey Cavalier.

Most of the houses and cottages were being painted, all for the coming season.
This one had a new coat of paint, all ready to go.The oldest house in Port Issac.
At this point, I know I should have more information all about the house, I haven't a clue, I read the plaque on the side of the wall.

We watched every episode of Doc Martin, but as for Port Issac it's self, we weren't impressed, maybe at the height of the season, with tourist milling around, it might have had more of an atmosphere. We moved on further down the coast. Freya leading the way.
You can see where over at CATFLAP CAVALIER. Watch out for flying sand !