Thursday, 16 July 2015

Chatsworth House July 2015

Thank you so much to my friend Julie and her husband Mike for inviting Freya Rose Blossom and me to gatecrash their short break from work this week.
From the South West, keep heading NORTH.. I did that and I got lost.
Never trust sat navs, always have a map book and read it properly.
I found amazing English scenery I had never viewed before as I drove along roads trying to find my way to Chatsworth.
Two hours later after having had a great time I found Chatsworth house.
I found the farm shop I have to be honest then Mike and Julie came to my rescue.

Chatsworth House.


Freya Rose Blossom and I had the pleasure of meeting my DOG DAUGHTER at last.

Princess Leah in the Furrs and FUR REAL.

The hunting tower stands high above everything else. It's in the middle of the photo in the far distance.

How did that happen ?

Must have been Magic !
If I hadn't have driven so many miles today I would show you more.

Boy oh boy !!!!!

Freya is over at her CATFLAP CAVALIER blog. Joined by Princess Leah.
More of Chatters a way house photo's to follow soon.

Freya Rose Blossom, Princes Leah, Julie and I, promise.
 :-) xxx