Monday, 30 August 2010

My pet rock.

This really is my pet rock, just because she stands beside other stones on Stonehenge, she is still my rock.

This post is also for Sandee.

Shame to see the Henge fenced in on this photo.
I know I have posted many Stonehenge pictures on here, I can't help myself from clicking as we pass.
I must have more photo's of Stonehenge that British Heritage who now look after the site.

Where does Amie fit in on our trips past the henge ?
Stonehenge is our stopping point from Devon to Surrey. When Amie was two years old we let her out of the car to do what all dogs need to do. When all of a sudden she took off. Way across Salisbury Plain.

Stonehenge is behind the British Heritage entrance building.
See the SHEEP ?
Our dear, little butter wouldn't melt in her mouth Amie turned into a sheep chaser.
We couldn't believe it either. ONE OF US, chased her right across the fields. Caught without any damage.
To her it was a game. Two years old and playing games. Thank my stars there wasn't a farmer around !
She has never been off a lead near sheep since no matter how old she is....

I think now she would have a problem seeing them, let alone chase them, but no matter, sheep mean LEAD.
This photo, I had to take as SOME ONE drove our car full pelt into it.
At least we stood out in the crowd driving along. Our car was the muddiest and dirtiest on the road over August Bank Holiday. YES THAT WAS US !

Nothing wrong with good old Wiltshire soil.

Especially on a sunny evening.

Driving home.
Home is in the distance somewhere.....SOUTH WEST, over the hill.
2nd Star to the right. Keep on, not to the morning, but for a few hours.

A couple I made earlier

You have seen the pattern before, but not the Jake doll.
It was a few years ago and doll actually looked like Jake at one time.

Yeah !
Puffles, for all those who didn't have a clue what I was on about.
If I'm honest I wasn't sure either, so the one's I made were about the closest thing to puffles that I could imagine.

Jake seemed pleased with them anyway.

What else were we doing yesterday?
We were talking to Micky Mouse.

Amie and I are slightly doubtful it really was Micky Mouse.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Take that Bear Band

I promised bears, these aren't the one's.
I have been playing around while it rained the other day. Kid friendly soft toys to use up some plush that I had. I have three left now, so anyone who wants one will have to speak up quick and I will post one.
No giveaway. Just a freebie as the cottage needs the space.
But you have to be quick :-) Also have to have a real tiddler to give it too.

I'm going to be occupied over the next few days, so thought you might like a link to Caroline's blog. Caroline's giveaway only has a few days left to run, if you want a chance to win, you better hurry up and nip over there. Caroline has also used a picture I blogged of Mew. Not this one by the way.
There for all to see is Mew in watercolour. HERE IS THE LINK you can see for yourself.
I can't believe that Amie and Mew have both had their own portrait.
If ever a cat deserves it then it's Mew. She is one of the gentlest and sweetest cats that I have ever come across. As you see she likes her home comforts. Also Amie's prize cookies.

The second link is all about the dagger hilt we found while digging around in the garden one Spring. Medieval...... would be good to think so wouldn't it.
I never thought for one moment that the glittery green was a gem. But I always lived in hope until Melanie really investigated for me.
Victorian reproduction..... oh well, it's Victorian anyway.
Could have been Medieval.......... BUT It's NOT !
Dream on eh !
Have to mention the toad. Thanks for all the comments yesterday, especially the emails.
Going to have to give him a name... and make him a crown.
No kissing, although thanks for all the suggestions.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Frog and toad and toad revisited

The only way I could post today's photo's from the cottage was to post another photo that I showed back in February.
This is Frog.... don't ask !

Hi Frog
If you remember, a way back, the Dalia Lama bless his cotton socks actually joined me on twitter.
I never kid myself.....
I'm not so special that he would click on my twitter page.
Young Frog has lots to answer for.
I still have to work out how he managed it.... have to say I actually read the Dali Lama's tweets now. :-)

Although, being me , I think that if he really came and knocked on Soggibottom Cottage's door, we could teach him a thing or two......
I never said that !
Ha, yes I did....
Lets get back to the toad...

A picture of a toad in my greenhouse wouldn't have got your attention.

Isn't he a smart lad ?

By now you should all know that I collect slugs n snails and relocate them, so the worm just happened to be there. Mr Toad is eating all the things that I really don't want around. He has saved me quite a few steps along to the park at the back of the cottage.

For the squeamish, the worm made himself scarce.
I would love a toad in my greenhouse, and bless him here he is, warts and all.
I wish he would stay, but I left the door open for him, just in case he was bored.

As for Frog .... See you soon..
Hope you all have a really great August Bank Holiday.......
Bears will be back soon, I promise..............................................

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Fighting them on the beaches

It doesn't feel like August.
25th August, only four months to the day till Christmas Day....
It's raining and feels like we could be in October.
The only thing giving the time of year away is that the leaves are still on the trees.

Peaceful little back lane that we often use.
Lucky for us, this lane isn't known to many that flood into the South West for their holidays.

People either head for the beach or for beautiful Dartmoor.
I should have realised yesterday that the storm clouds were gathering.

The cows had started to lay down.
If the cows are down, it's a sure sign of rain.
So they say.

With nothing better to do on a rainy day at least Amie has made her self useful and is guarding her painting on the wall. Don't let that air of being asleep fool you. She's on guard and alert.

Amie... AMIE....... AMIE.....

Frank on the other hand really is awake.
It must be wet outside because normally when it rains he is out mouse hunting.

I mentioned the word.


Sunday, 22 August 2010


I see you Ginger from over the bridge.....
The birds see you Ginger from over the bridge
You are fooling no one.
WE SEE YOU......
I SEE YOU.............

Fluffs is allowed to be this side of the bridge.
Fluffs is allowed to be this close........ nutty cats !

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Cruisin Florida

I love receiving postcards.
This one is from Florida (obviously).
The Micky Mouse chasers are due back next week.

Is the art of sending postcards while your away on holiday a thing of the past ?
NO !
Because we had another this morning, this is from Wendy and John.
Nearly the right address, but as there is only one cottage called Soggibottom in the village it found us. Thank you Wendy.
This is The Gatehouse, Fleet. Dumfries and Galloway. I could have taken the photo.

Except I didn't. I do however keep every post card and have done ever since I was eight years old. I'll admit it, there are quite a few stacking up.

If you don't get a chance to send a postcard, calling in as you pass the cottage is even better.

Don't expect Mew to give up her chair that easily.
She likes all the fuss and attention you can give her.

Although, don't let her fool you.

What she really wants to do is reclaim her seat.

The toll for coming into the cottage is that you have your photo taken.
Ray, Jane and George.... it was good to see you.

Friday, 20 August 2010

One of the kids

One of the kids has arrived back... so Soggibottom's post might be a bit scarce over the next few days.....
Looks good eh?
THEY ALL LEAVE their washing and ironing for MUM.........
Don't be fooled by their charm..... especially if they arrive with their own packet of soap powder !

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Prim stuff at Soggibottom

Before I get carried away with the social whirl of our coming weekend.....

Thanks Christine for the cute cat pillow that arrived yesterday.
I love surprises. All because I sent a couple of old cotton reels for a project.
What ever it is.
I find I keep clicking onto Preferably Prim to find out if "it" has been made yet.

I suppose there are lots of unintentional "Prim" things around the cottage.
Some of them old, that probably includes me. I hope I have done justice to Christine's work and displayed her pillow properly. The pillow sits in a basket of cottage lavender in the fire place.

As for the Prim and juicy plums. Another kindness from a friend.
The one's on our tree aren't quite ready.

If your wondering what Alvin and the Chipmunks were doing on here last weekend.
I have Sue from Quilt Times to thank.
I had an enjoyable day joining in the fun of her quilt day last Saturday. I can't wait till next month for the next one. Hopefully I will be much better prepared and have a quilt in the making to show. Don't just make teds. Although before anyone wonders where the teds have gone. There are some being made, just not ready to show you yet.

You can click on the right to join the fun of Sue's quilt day. I'm going to have to find another Christmas song to put everyone in the mood.....

Was that a cheer or a groan ?
Suggestions would be good.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I'm on face book

At the moment I am reading a book.... something to do with elephants.
You have to ask my friend Lisa from pupylov what it's all about, she's reading the same one.

I've had discussions about tea....

My tea, chicken dinners...........
I never get fed up with chicken for dinner, but fish or fish fingers would be a nice change.
Sausages, bacon strips. small piece of salmon.... or I could do what I normally do and snaffle the cat food.
Amie Soto Blossom is innocent !

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Tormenting Mr Micky Mouse.

You can either love technology or hate it.
Here at Soggibottom we love it.
The cottage might be a real old lady, but you can't say that we haven't tried to bring her bang up to date with all the latest "stuff".

Hi Tilly May..... see you.

Florida to Soggibottom in a blink of an eye. via our friend skype.
Some of the clan keep clicking on the Soggibottom button.

Hi Karina, see you too.


They might not be the views of the places that they are visiting at the moment. But we are happy to see them....

If they need pointers in tormenting mice, we know someone who can help.

Hi Frank, we see you too.....