Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mainly dry

No snow here at Soggibottom cottage.

Although there is snow on Dartmoor tonight.

Here, we are all in hibernation.

Some are, some aren't !

Monday, 30 January 2012

Last few days

My friend Mary at Emmary Bears is closing her on line bear supply ordering site. Better get in there quick to pick up some great bargains. There are other bargains, not all about teddy bears. But for all those budding bear makers out there, I know Mary has some great Ted patterns.

The Cottage Ted who always sits in the window was made from mohair from Emmary Bears.
Mary and I have known each other for over ten years, doesn't time fly ?

The Ted in the cottage window accompanying Alice's Wedding Bear, also made from Emmary Bear supplies.
Just like to say to my dear friend Mary, I for one will miss you terribly. 

Mary asked if she could borrow this photo of Harlyn Bay for the EMMARY BEAR NEWSLETTER.
I had such a sweet thank you at the start of the newsletter, Mary, your very welcome.
Good luck in your new venture.

There really are some great bargains to be had over at Emmary Bears, if you click the Soggibottom Bear's photo on the side bar you can go straight to them.

As always you can see Freya on her blog Catflap Cavalier, she is still messing around in rock pools on Harlyn Bay, but if the weather holds, tomorrow she is out and about.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Seals in Harlyn Bay - January - 2012

212 photo's taken on Thursday, this is the best photo from the day.

Or maybe this one ?  Waves crashing onto the beach in the next bay.

 It was taken from this spot, looking towards the next village along the coast. There must be a knack to taking long shots with our new camera.  Keeping the camera still would probably help. But from this distance I could hardly see the next bay unless I looked through the camera lens anyway. It was a case of hit or miss photography on Thursday.

A slight detour from our usual beach walking route, found us on the Atlantic side of  Cornwall.
Cornish lanes in August are busy but wonderfully empty in January.

An almost empty beach too. The sun was shining, Freya danced around in circles on the sand, it could have been the height of Summer. In reality is was a chilling 2 deg c.

It looks calm enough from here.

If you could find shelter from the wind it wasn't that bad. Freya managed to find another  rock pool she misjudged and had to swim through.
. Catflap Cavalier

Surfers weren't ' the only ones to enjoy themselves.

Seals were playing among the waves. (Photo of seals along the British Coast)
Try as I might, the seals eluded me. 212 camera clicks and no seals photo's of my own to show you.

Tried hard, failed miserably. As they say, you can't win them all.

We had a great day out, 

but, it was good to get home and dry off properly.

Cold weather and the possibility of snow heading our way, we might have to put beach walks on hold for a few days Freya.
As always you are very welcome to visit Freya and her rock pooling adventures over at The Catflap Cavalier,

Lots of love to "Ploy", our post crossing friend :-) x x x

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Charmouth beach in January 2012

Just because it's a dull day, doesn't mean it's an excuse not to get some exercise outside.

The last time we went to Charmouth beach was way back in the Summer last year, a week before we had Freya. We had taken Jake fossil hunting, one of our favourite pastimes. Where better to take our eight year old grandson. Sand, sea and what ever history he could find under his feet. He loves dinosaurs
The Jurassic Coast line stretches as far as your eye can see from this point on the beach. 

It's surprising what has been found along the coastline. Mary Anning was 12 years old when she found an Ichthyosaur with her older brother in 1811.

It's said that she braved storms and landslides for her life time love of fossil hunting.

I'm sure she also stood and viewed Lyme Bay from here. Mary Anning was thought to have inspired the tongue Twister, she sells sea shells by the sea shore.

It's also a great dog walking spot, or in Freya's case swimming spot when she daintily went through what she thought was a paddling pool,  turned out to be a mini swimming pool. Never think your dog can't swim !

On this beach you don't have to hunt for fossils, they are right under your feet.

This might look like a very uninteresting object to you and me.

But to this guy, (Mary Anning of our day), it looks promising.

As he worked he talked, and believe me, we kept him talking. He knew exactly what he was looking for.

Although I think he was getting impatient trying to prise out what ever it was that MIGHT be there.

Fools gold. Iron Pyrites.

Heavier utensils were brought from the bag.


Then given a hard whack with a sledge hammer. Not sure if Mary Anning would have done quite the same thing.

Not to disappoint you. Beach art.The interesting find held nothing that was very interesting to show you..

Art ?
Or maybe someone was getting bored waiting for their other half to whack hard mud. I'm sure there is a word for the layer that the fossils are found in.. I haven't a clue what it is.

Another interesting piece that someone had already broken to look inside.

I post about this beach so many times.
Although we aren't dedicated fossil hunters, we enjoy the scenery. Every time we visit this beach, the cliff face looks different. Eroding tides wash it away, bringing the past of the Jurassic Period of history open to everyone. Especially Jake.  Last year part of the cliff had fallen down, at high tide, the beach was blocked. Now the blocked beach has been washed away by the sea. With it, who knows what fossils from our past.
I'm sure there are so many fossil hunters out there.

We can't all have great finds.

For those that never know what to look for this is the shop right on the beach. Filled with history.

Or you can head for home.

With your finds.
Many thanks to our Mary Anning of 2012 for our fools gold.

If you don't find anything along Charmouth Beach, you will just have to keep digging.

Freya is, as always on her own blog. Catflap Cavalier.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dog coat, Dog and Cat bed - Dog and Cat toy box

Christmas might have been a few weeks ago, but Freya had a new coat this week.
NOT ANOTHER COAT, I can hear you all from here.

Freya is still growing and trying to find a dog coat in the shops that will actually fit her has been a nightmare. Apart from the fact I seem to pick the day when at least five other dogs and their owners are clustered around by the dog coats stall, all trying them on, all getting flustered. Dogs sniffing around trying to pull you towards the dog treat bar. Why on earth do they put chewy bones by the dog coats in pet supermarkets ?

Apart from the hassle, the coats are either too small, too big or a colour that is really dull. I don't want to put our pup in a blue coat, she is female, or a bright pink one, although if I could have found a bright pink one that fitted, she just might have now been the proud owner of it. Cute as they look, I didn't want her to wear one with bone patterns all over it either.

.I just wanted one that was a little quirky. Does the job keeping her dry and warm. One that I can at least alter when she starts to fill out.One that says, "FREYA ROSE BLOSSOM, Soggibottom pup". After all, we all want the best for our dog. Part of the "see and be seen" culture in the park and on the beach. With this coat we can see exactly where Freya is, not that she ever goes far from us, but with this on she sticks out in the crowd.

If you have a dog who needs a coat you need to visit this link....   Dog Clothes Patterns. by Mimi.
Free downloads for various costumes and dog coats, Mimi even tells you the proper way to measure your dog. Small dogs, medium dogs and large and EXTRA large dogs.

Freya is now the proud owner of her very own ladybird spotty coat. I've lined her coat with fleece, and then quilted the inside.  Velcro strips hold it in place around her belly and her chest. No squirming or rolling around in the mud will shift this one. It won't fall off as she runs either.
The best thing is, I can let out the fastening if I need to and it's quick and easy to put on. One thing I put on that is extra to Mimi's pattern was a button hole at the top. As Freya wears a harness the harness goes under her coat and the clip can poke out from the coat and still be easily clipped on and off.

Just like to add, Frankie de tabby didn't have a new coat.

You could argue, Freya is a young dog and she doesn't really need a coat.
At least her new coat will protect her slightly from the rain. She goes out in all weathers, it's so much easier to take off her coat and only have her paws to dry.  No hood on this one, as she tends to try to reach around and chew them.

We all know I'm not the greatest artist in the world.

Panic sets in at the sight of a paint brush.

I try my best.

Frank and Freya's old toy box was looking worse for wear, chewed corners of the old toy box when Freya was cutting her teeth. So lucky little guys, have a new one, made by Tony in his Soggibottom Shed from odd bits of wood.
Looking at the prices for dog and cat toy boxes, I'm amazed how expensive they are. This really is just an oblong shaped box, held together with screws and lots of felt on the bottom to help it slide and glide across the floor. Open with no lid so they can help themselves to their toys.
Same thing with decoration, I didn't want a picture of bones all over it. I didn't want one that was painted or varnished either. I might not be the best artist in the world, but I know who the subjects on the box are.

Freya and Frank know exactly where all their toys are and really do help themselves. The catnip mice are down the bottom, Frank finds them without any help.

Same with dog beds, why are they so expensive ? Am I looking in the wrong places again ?

Is it that hard to make a dog bed ?

A square (or round) piece of material for the bottom, a covered piece of foam for a base..

Four oblong shaped cushions.

Attach the cushion sides one at a time to the material base. Then when all the cushions are in place, sew the corners together.

Place the covered foam square in the bottom to stabilise the bed, tucking it into the corners. Then top it all with another cushion....... NOT HARD........ no bone pattern in sight either.

I'm going to make extra covers, maybe bright pink material. At the moment gold chintz will have to do. This will all wash.

Frank loves it.
Then Frank normally helps himself to anything.
I haven't got a thing about bone pattern material, incase you ask. There are enough bone toys around here after a while tripping daintily over them is a bone of contention. You'll have to go and visit Freya at CATFLAP CAVAL:IER    to see why. 
In the meantime, it's getting colder and colder here, coats on for the beach definatly.