Saturday, 11 April 2015

Devon Teddy Bear Hospital

A few weeks ago I was asked if I could help Lionel. Lionel is such a beautiful old bear how could I refuse.

Lionel normally sits in the window of a house over looking Plymouth Sound. If only teddy bears could talk. Lionel must have the most astounding views at his look out post.
A while ago his arms had to be totally replaced. It's a sad fact no matter how much we love and take care of our teddy bears, they age.

Lionel as you can see needed some new paw pads this time.

He spent a few days here at Soggibottom.

Until his owner came to pick him up.

Joani and Lionel reunited. 
I do love a happy ending.  

Soggibottom's cottage blog is back, up and running again. 
Freya is as always over at The Cat Flap Cavalier.  

Thank you to everyone for all their messages, flowers and especially for all the love sent to the cottage over the last few months. 

See you all soon :-) x x x