Wednesday, 29 December 2010


One of us isn't blogging until the New Year. .................................................

You think you had a good time over Christmas. .................

Actually I did have a great Christmas... spoilt as normal.
Ha, see the paws. ...
I had to get out of the car at Stonehenge today...

I didn't walk around here, but let me tell you, it was muddy.

This is where we went....

At last the weather gave us a day's grace.

I had Christmas Day all over again.

Helping out with books and colouring and sticky things.

Was it worth having the bath... ?
This is one of my favorite laps and places to be.
I'm adaptable !

Going home wasn't much fun. We didn't stop till we reached home.

Although at one time we stopped at traffic lights and met a familiar face in the car beside us.

Some days, it seems a long way home.

Never let Mark tell you different.

I'm ready to cross the bridge to the cottage. ......
She said, she still isn't blogging till the New Year....
However, you know what she's like....... !
Have a very Happy New Year lots of love from AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM

Saturday, 25 December 2010

On guard for Christmas

Hope everyone had a great day.

Some were more alert than others.

Some decided to check things out,

really closely.

Christmas day comes and things for an Amie Soto Blossom can be a bit confusing.

Meerkats ?

Or slippers ?


Amie knew that.

Enjoy your week and see you all next year.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Season's Greetings

How does Christmas creep up so quickly ?

Time for friends, family and visitors.

You've clicked on here for the bear giveaway haven't you ?

Here is the random generator... THE HAND... the random BAH HUMBUG hat...

Before I forget to tell you, no, don't go to the bottom and see who has won.

Where ever you are,

have a very Merry Christmas.

Congratulations Judith :-) x x x

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Diary of a Church Mouse

Here among long - discarded cassocks, damp stools, and half-split open hassocks,
Here where the Vicar never looks, I nibble through old service books.
Lean and alone I spend my days behind this Church of England baize.
I share my dark forgotten room, with two oil-lamps and half a broom.

The cleaner never bothers me, so here I eat my frugal tea.
My bread is sawdust mixed with straw, my jam is polish for the floor.
Christmas and Easter may be feasts for congregations and for priests,
And so may Whitsun, all the same, they do not fill my meagre frame.

For me the only feast at all, is the Autumn's Harvest Festival.
When I can satisfy my want with ears of corn around the font.
I climb the eagle's brazen head, to burrow through a loaf of bread.
I scramble up the pulpit star, and gnaw the marrows hanging there.

It is enjoyable to taste, these items ere they go to waste.
But how annoying when one finds that other mice with pagan minds.
Come into the church my food to share, who have no proper business there.
Two field mice who have no desire, to be baptized, invade the choir.

A large and most unfriendly rat, comes in to see what we are at.
He says he thinks there is no God, yet he comes.... it's rather odd.
This year he stole a sheaf of wheat, (it screened our special preacher's seat).
And prosperous mice from fields away, come in to hear the organ play.

And under cover of its notes, eat through the altar's sheaf of oats.
A Low Church mouse, who thinks that I am too papistical, and High.
Yet somehow doesn't think it wrong, to munch through Harvest Evensong.
While I, who starve the whole year through, must share my food with rodents who.

Except at this time of the year, not once inside the church appear.
Within the human world I know such goings-on could not be so.
For human beings only do, what their religion tells them to.
They read the Bible every day and always, night and morning pray.

And just like me, the good church mouse.
Worship each week in God's own house.
But all the same, it's strange to me.
How very full the church can be, with people I don't see at all, except at Harvest Festival.

This isn't Harvest Festival time, but thought you might enjoy this poem from John Betjeman.
Winter is a time to keep warm and read, all your favorite books again, then read as many new one's that you can get your hands on.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Waiting for Santa

Is it possible ?

Is he coming ?

Lots of excitement at the window.

Who is it Frank ?

The Ginger cat from over the bridge.
The idea is we feed the birds, you don't feed off of them little weasel.
Frank sorted him out, don't worry. It only takes Ginger to spot Frank at the Window watching him and he's off.

If anyone is thinking of travelling to Devon today...

It might take you a while by road, rail and air.

Stay at home, in the warmth of the fire and keep safe........

For every one that I have emailed today and reminded that it is midwinter. :-) I KNOW I SHOULD HAVE SAID THE SHORTEST DAY OF THE YEAR... not the longest, the cold goes to my head :-)
I think I pictured a very warm balmy night sitting in the garden watching the moon, counting stars. I'm out there a long time. :-) xxx

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Soft Snow Shuffle

Amie isn't quite the young pup that she used to be, the snow doesn't have such an allure as it did.

She tends to pick her front feet up and shuffle her spindly back one's across the snow.

Never going far, only to the small bridge in the park at the back of the cottage.

Over the last few days she has a knack of keeping to the side of the path.

Ignoring young pups out to play.

Heading home after a few minutes.

Far too cold for the older generation of Cavalier out there.

We have found our Bah Humbug hat.

If you haven't already put your name down for the Soggibottom Christmas bear Giveaway, it's not too late. Let me know on this post and I will include you, as long as your on Amie Soto Blossom's followers, friends and best mate list, your welcome to enter. For all those that have already entered. Good luck.

That is if I can sneak the hat away from the back of Frank's head....

One of the paintings in the cottage is on our daughter in law's blog.
Becca's Way Round. I know Becca would love to see you, inspiration for some of her art taken from her travels. Click to visit HERE

Friday, 17 December 2010

Snow shoes for cats.

Who has borrowed the happy bubble that was keeping the snow away from the cottage ?
Don't mind, but can we have it back soon please ?

Christmas must be near as it looks like a Christmas card outside.
At long last we have had snow in this part of Devon.
Don't let the sun fool you.

There was an eerie silence around the place.

Not many people around.

The whole village had that whiter shade of pale look.

Time to put some colour in the cottage window.

Bring the tree in from outside.

Wash your paws of snow.

Then look smug that you're not the daft one that went outside to start with.