Saturday, 31 December 2011

Enlightening New Year

We normally open the cottage back door to let the old year out and open the front door to let in the New Year.
I'm never sure if it's just the blast of cold air that wakes me up, or the New Year really does come in and clears out old cobwebs I might have missed.
The church bells in the village go like the clappers every year at one minute past 12.00. Any remaining cobwebs get blown out by their beautiful tone..

It's been a joy to meet so many new friends this year, and treasure every single one that I have known for so long.
There is never one comment that you leave that is left unread. I'm not the best blogger in the world at replying, but your comments really do mean so much.

Especially in June, and then eight weeks later when Mew decided to join Amie Soto Blossom.

New Years are for looking forward.
Here is to 2012.  Open that back door and open the front.

May we all have health, wealth, be postive and wize during the coming year. Not to mention creative and a hundred and one other things.. 


Lots of love Tony, Midge, Frank and Freya Rose Blossom XXX 

Saturday, 24 December 2011

A very Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas from Soggibottom Cottage xxxx

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Winter Solstice 21st December 2011

It's the Winter Solstice today.  Soon be Spring ...........

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Daffodil December 20th in devon ENGLAND.

Daffodils in December ?
It is December isn't it ?

I know I should be showing Christmassy scene's, but this is a Christmas scene. It's December 20th 2011 and we have no leaves on the tree's. We do however have a daffodil in the garden.

Also a rose (planted near our apple tree.).

Two Californian poppy blooms,

and beautiful rose hips that snake their way along one side of our garden fence. Who ever said gardens in December could be dull ?

The bad weather unfortunately keeps me away from our garden,
It's too slippery and wet and cold.
Normally at this time of year I am curled up reading.
This is the latest read. A book I should have read a few years ago after we visited Benjamin's zoo. The Zoo is only a few miles away from here, we keep meaning to go back, once we have a dog sitter in place we will.

We tell all our visitors that come to the cottage, the place to visit is Dartmoor Zoological Gardens. Benjamin's Zoo.  After reading Benjamin's book. (I rephrase that, his mum and dad's Zoo) A beautifully written book straight from the heart.
The Book has been made into a film which I believe had it's premier a few weeks ago. I'm not into giving away secrets, you have to read the book or see the film. Here is just a glimpse of the photo's we took the day we visited. Amie had a dog sitter that day.Although she was such a kind soul that nothing ever worried her, she would have happily wandered among the tigers and not bat an eye lid.. Not sure about the wolves.... 

I have already blogged this beautiful bear. To read her story you have to read the book.

The otters.

These guys....

This photo was taken with our old camera, WOW.. so close to a tiger. You need to read the book....

Oscar, another of my favourites for reason's of my own.

Let alone the peacocks.
IF you read the book and IF you see the film. You will have a great read... I have yet to see the film.
Benjamin, your Zoo is brilliant... loved it and loved your book.   Why didn't I read it before ?

We want to visit again, can you please look after Freya Rose Blossom while we wander around ?.
Everyone should have a copy of the book at the entrance of the zoo. Or at least in their Christmas stocking.

Which takes me back to Christmas...
There are so many great little links ref Christmas going around..... Thanks Lynda.... ( pic only no link).

Freya in the meantime has been enjoying herself !
If anyone has any insight to the virus I have that has held me prisoner for about four and a half weeks now... Great ..... please let me know ...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Amie Soto's Blossom's last Christmas gift

Thanks to everyone who entered our Soggibottom giveaway last week. I know I haven't got around to thanking everyone individually for their thoughtful and loving comments for Allie the winner.

This little bird was made by my friend Caroline and came on my birthday last week.
How on earth Caroline has the patience to make anything so intricate is beyond me, he is beautiful. Even down to his sharp little claws. Caroline also knits lacy shawls, things that would fox me, or I would lose patience on after a few inches. HERE is the link to Caroline's blog. You can see for yourself.

I've just nipped over there and like me she seems to be having some blips blogging this week.
Tell her the tomato lady sent you, she will know exactly who gave you her link. Obviously, the tomato reference has nothing to do with our tomato competition during the year.

Lots of baking and bread making. Christmas cake decorating to come later this week.

A very reluctant pup taken out walking in the rain, you can tell how much Freya has grown, her coat fitted her a few weeks ago. Freya will be seven months old on the 20th of this month. Time for a new coat.

Freya has seen her first Christmas Tree.

Our tree came inside this week after all. It's smaller than normal, but the tree is safe from Freya's inquisitive nose and Freya is safe from itchy Christmas Tree needles and anything electrical. The first time we have been at the cottage and a tree doesn't grace the window seat, there is always next Christmas.

We came across this little guy when hunting for tree decorations in the attic this week.
Sitting among the box of decorations a little dog toy Santa that Amie Soto Blossom had last year.
Amie Soto Blossom never had many teeth left and only had eye's for cookie's and ice cream as many of you know. This little guy is as new as the day he was accidentally put into the Christmas decorations and in the attic.

Amie has passed so much onto Freya, was this little Santa ment to have spent the year in the attic ?
Amie's parting gift to Freya.  Maybe that's just my thinking.

You can see more of Freya and Santa on Freya's blog the Cat Flap Cavalier......

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

December 7th 2011 Soggibottom's giveaway results.

December the 7th already......

Thank you for all my great birthday wishes and cards. If I haven't managed to get around to everyone A BIG THANK YOU to all who posted  Soggibottom's giveaway on their blog. I know I never got around to everyone to check. But you were all entered anyway. We have our HI Tec random generator to pull out the winning number, which will correspond with the comment number on the giveaway.

This year the hi tec number holder, is Ted's, Santa's Little Helper hat.

Another of Santa's Little Helpers pulled out the winning number.

Which is...................

Number 32............  Hi Allie. Bear will hopefully arrive before Christmas. Congratulations.

Before everyone clicks off......... last year I had three giveaways on December 7th. I hate to disappoint anyone. Next year there will another giveaway maybe at Easter, maybe before.... January is a very long month after Christmas. It needs brightening up, don't you think ?
Thank you everyone who entered this year, so many new faces and blogs I have yet to explore. Loads of old faces that I love to see. Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys and all the get well wishes.. Hopefully, normal service at  Soggibottom blog will be resumed soon......... as Freya and Frank would say, lots of luvs X X X
Freya is as always, over at her blog CAT FLAP CAVALIER
Searching for Santa Paws.......... 
Congratulations Allie................ X X X

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The right time to bring a Christmas Tree inside for Christmas

We normally go into Christmas mode after December 7th, but this year we're slightly earlier here at the cottage. The bear has an elf suit. A small green felted and lined jacket that is older than the bear by about 40 years. Slightly too tight for him around his middle, (too many cookies bear) but it's warm in here so don't think he is going to get cold even in the snow. He also has some new elf boots..

A cute and easy little pattern, the pattern has endless idea's. Mary Ann suggested that candles would look great in them. I thought candles, why candles ?  I never actually had my glasses on... CANDIES..........  not candles..........Mary Ann has some great links to other inspiring makes on her blog, you can find them     JUST HERE......... Thanks Mary Ann.... make sure you make a note and leave a comment for mousie or he will never forgive you. Mousie is the little guy who works hard, plays hard, you will see him.

I'm coming to the bit about Christmas Tree's....... This little tree has been  planted in our garden for about four years. It lives quite happily surrounded by mint in the Summer. It's been left to get on with growing, without any feeding, shaping or digging up again for yet another Christmas. It looked a bit sad last year but has suddenly picked up.  It's a shame to dig it up when he looks happy enough. He's not left entirely alone though, as he is decorated with birdie food during hard Winters.

This potted guy has been fed all year, shaped, re potted, he looks good enough to be placed in our window seat again.  Every year since we have lived at Soggibottom we always have a real tree. Apart from one year we brought an artificial tree, it had one night on the window seat and we both decided the cottage needed something real at Christmas. We always buy a tree with roots, one to last more than just a few days... Nothing wrong with this tree, except this year we can't put a tree in the window at doggie height... for obvious reasons...  much better to be safe than sorry, maybe we are being over protective, but if you love your dog, you protect the love of your life.

This little tree is such a  pup attraction already...

You might like this pic of the tree better, messing around with camera setting isn't a bad thing, but then you realise some of the pics you take can't be reproduced again with clarity.
So here is our Christmas tree for this year, a table top (PUP PROOF we hope where she can't test it out) little spruce. Should smell great too. So When is the right time to bring in a Christmas Tree into your house... ?

Tradition says on Christmas Eve, what do you think Freya ?
Big yawn, she would rather be at the beach , or maybe she's getting in some choir practise for Silent Night............ Catflap Cavalier......

READ ON,.............
Here I would normally stop at a blog post so hope on this occasion you'll read on.....might be a long post :-) ... over the last few days soggibottom posts have been rather thin on the ground to say the least... trying to make it up for my lack of activity I have two more links to give you.

I hope they will make you smile at the generosity of people and at the same time sadden your heart..... to make you generous and help if you can. Here is a link to Debbie and Dixie. Debbie has a heart of gold with her campaign for Fabric for SUE .

It also gives me a very selfish chance to show you a pic from a visit to the beach this week.

The next link is to Judith.

Judith can tell you Sam and Gizzy's story.....I am sure their story has only just started...  Judith can tell you so much better than I can. There is one thing that Judith doesn't say in her post. Gizzy is having pups...........

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Friends.....  

Don't forget about your Christmas Tree, if it's living and has roots, you might like to make it last a bit longer by not bringing it into a warm house too soon......... Artificial tree's are fine... but do they really smell of CHRISTMAS  ?

Last but one photo, this time one taken by me with our old camera.

Frank's turn..... he doesn't and never will wear boots !

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Soggibottom's birthday Giveaway 2011

They say the older you get the quicker birthday's come along..... the year seems to have gone by so quickly !

Here is Soggibottom's birthday giveaway. A little 3 inch guy that comes with his own scarf and hat. 

He is willing to travel anywhere in the world.  Soggibottom's past giveaway Birthday bears are lucky little travellers and have gone far and wide.  As usual, only three things qualify to enter. 


YOU HAVE TO BE A SOGGIBOTTOM FOLLOWER...although your quite welcome to follow at any time..

IT'S GOOD TO SHARE   - a side bar link or post on your blog about the giveaway........... I will check..... ::-) 

We moved into Soggibottom Cottage on my birthday, the cottage is 343 years old this year..... I've a way to go to catch up with her.

I like to share on December 7th. The giveaway will end at 12 noon GMT... 

To all our beautiful Cottage followers, thank you for another year of making us smile, laugh and cry with all your personal, creative and fantastic blogs and comments. Every comment is read, although it's not always possible to get back to everyone via email to say thank you...... THANK YOU TO EVERYONE....Also to everyone I know who reads Soggibottom.... Hi guys.... always great to know your out there...........

Midge, Tony, Frankie de tabby and Freya Rose Blossom  :-)  X X X

Freya is, as always over at her own blog, Cat Flap Cavalier............

Monday, 31 October 2011

Pumpkin Tree grown at Soggibottom

The pumpkin was grown at Soggibottom Cottage, art work by Karina.Where ever Karina gets her skill from it's not us.

Soggibottom Cottage isn't that great in the art of pumpkin carving. The usual face on a pumpkin is as far as our talent goes. This year,  the bear is dressed and standing in the cottage window, there are certain items which have been  left out. Anything with a stick is slightly too tempting for a young pup.  He is however having a fair amount of admiring glances as usual when people pass the window.

The bear does have his own black cat. 

End of October already,

some are still paddling in the sea.

Only the brave ones. 

Some just look on.

Freya Rose Blossom can be found over at the  CAT FLAP CAVALIER.

Where ever you are and what ever your doing tonight have a Happy Halloween.