Monday, 31 December 2012

There are times at New Year's Eve.

There are times at New Year's Eve we think too much about the passing year and not enough about all the good times yet to come.
Best foot forward and into 2013.............
A very happy New Year to everyone from Soggibottom Cottage x x x 

Freya is back with her paws on the keyboard over at Catflap Cavalier.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings from Soggibottom

As promised, one Christmas tree.
Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings from Soggibottom Cottage.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Floods in the South West of England a few days before Christmas

Frankie de tabby and our kitchen Christmas Tree.
It seems such a  long time ago since we were last here.  As most know who visit Soggibottom's blog, the blog is better known for it's photographs rather than too many words.
Although we never have a shortage of words at Soggibottom cottage, we always love showing photo's on here. Although, there have been some very choice words over the last few months.
No good singing rain, rain go away, that doesn't work, the rain keeps coming.

Tonight, a few days before Christmas the South West of England has red flood warnings.  There are 190 flood warnings through out England and Wales.

 If the water looks deep, too deep to drive through, it probably is, don't drive through it.....
Sandbags help to protect your home, but only up to a point... as for our new flood gate..... Ours and our neighbour's.

They have yet to be tested. We really don't want to put them to the test.

Our lap top's internal workings.
We have been blogging since 2007 on this laptop, it won't be having such a great Christmas this year.
Mark officially pronounced it a gonna this afternoon. AH !

Many thanks to our daughter in law Becca for lending us her laptop. Also to Mark, for making it easier for us to find all our photo's, so we can blog again. Aren't kids great !

All is not entirely lost ref a new lap top, somewhere in the post a few days after Christmas there is a parcel heading our way. Paws up Freya.
Will the new lap top sing and dance... ?
When all said and done, stuff is only stuff....

All in all the last few months have been a real dog's dinner, not just for us, but for all those that have had their homes and lives turned up side down by water.
Molly the Wally really did have the right idea when she included this mat in Freya's Christmas parcel swap.
There are so many people to thank.
Highlights over the months of drying out the cottage and then trying to put it back together again, people's kindness, in giving not only their time, but their understanding.

We never thought for one moment Soggibottom would be put back in time for Christmas Day. The very first Christmas Day we spent here in the cottage, it snowed, the magic of snow on Christmas day. So different from this year, when it will probably rain and we will be on flood watch. 
To all those that have had their homes and lives changed by the recent floods, take heart guys. It's hard work, but it all goes back. Not quite as it was or as you might expect, but stuff is only stuff. Lives and paws are more important.

Freya has been so spoilt for parcels, she now automatically raises her paw when the postman calls.
Is that paw high ? She tries to get away with a token of raising her paw just an inch from the floor. 
One parcel Freya had a few weeks ago was from Molly the Wally. Freya's Christmas parcel exchange on  CATFLAP CAVALIER. WOW... Freya is still chomping her way through all the goodies.

Reading her way (with help) through a beautiful dogie cookbook......  Recipes to follow in the New Year on Freya and Frankie de tabby's Catflap Cavalier. What is the good of having something good if you can't share it..

So much more to blog, we might not have been able to show photo's over the last few weeks, but we have still been snapping. So many to thank and so much to yet blog.
Now, where is that button that takes us back to all of our photo's ?
On flood watch so have to go.. the button will still be there in the morning........
In case it isn't. Have a magical Christmas....... Thank you for every single card, parcel and good thought.... we will be back.....  x x x

Thursday, 6 December 2012

INSURED ... flood...

Yep, here it is, a picture of our window, not being there.
Last Friday it was the coldest day of the year, I think tonight is going to top that.

Well, when your home is flooded, that's exactly how is is.
A real dog's dinner.
Over the last few months, it has been hard trying to get back to any kind of normality. BUT IN THE END YOU DO... Here at Soggibottom Cottage, it is still going to take us into Feb/March,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, probably longer.
Over the last few months I have lost my temper with too many people. I am so sorry..
Not their fault, because you have to have a flooded home to understand exactly how it is.

It isn't pleasant that 's for sure.......

We didn't have to stay here, we could have moved out.. BECAUSE WE WERE INSURED ..Our insurance policy said so.
Our insurance policy said lots of things.

BUT...... Hum. I really want to say who they were...

In reality, we live at the bottom of a hill. near to a park..
The park has a stream.

We have a very old Frankie de tabby and a very young Freya Rose Blossom... HUM...

We have dried out Soggibottom cottage, for all those that have visited us. SHE WAS WORTH IT..
We love our home.. We love this cottage........

To all the guys that have visited over that last few weeks, We just want to say a huge thank you.

From Phil  the floor, to Dave the fire, to Tom, the window guy  who arrived here at 8 a.m, on a very cold and frosty morning so part of our furniture could come in, via the window.. AH, THANK YOU.................. Not forgetting the furniture guys .... ,.
There are kind people around..................


If you ever need a place to live.. come to Devon, in the South West of England..(might have to have a scuba diving course first)...... Thanks to STEVE...for helping us over the last few weeks to get our cottage in order.
Most of all there are special friends on blogger. Ah, now, I really do not want to embarrass anyone by giving out names..... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE..............
Thanks guys.. you have made the last few months bearable,  better. By being there !