Sunday, 1 November 2009

The dressed Perkins and friend

Here he is all dressed and ready to sit in the window.........

He has been there for ages, and yes........ Soggibottom has been rather silent for a few weeks.

Up, and running again thanks to our own computer wizard at Sparkybrand
Part of the interweb again, thanks to Mark x x x
I have lots of catching up to do, there really is life out there besides the net, surprising as it might seem. Although we have missed you all and I have a huge pile of mail to get to.

I have dressed Perkins and decided after all your beautiful comments reference his clothes to dress him in 1920/30's dock worker togs (clothes). I have also made another bear to keep him company in the window. This bear is made from a 1925 pattern that I have altered slightly. It still has a barrel shaped body and exaggerated hump back from the original pattern. This is the pattern that I will post as it seems that my love for older looking bears has got the better of me.

I have promised to post a pattern for ages and haven't got around to it.

I have won something. NOT JUST SOMETHING.

Purple Cats art work. Very talented lady. THANKS KAREN x x x (and Karen's lad for pulling the Soggibottom name out of the hat). Shall I frame it or use it ?

You can see all Karen's beautiful art work at

Purple Cats Corner

I never ever win anything, everyone says that I know, but I am one of those that really doesn't. Great surprise that on this occasion I did and again many thanks to Purple cat.
I did win a Rubik's cube once at the school fete. I knitted a bear for the fete and after seeing it sat on it's own felt so sorry for it I went and brought it back. Nothing really changes does it?


purplecat said...

you are more than welcome!! glad to have you back in blog land :)

michele said...

ha ha thanks..... x x x

Dolores said...

Welcome back. I have missed you and now you have the computer back. Mr. Perkins is looking good in his new duds. Very spiffy. I'm glad he now has a friend too.

WendyCarole said...

Nice to see you back

Perkins looks great and I love his new mate.