Monday, 9 November 2009

Clean up Cornwall from Pastys campaign

Well it could be, if it ever happened this little guy would have the top dog at cleaning up Cornish pasties award.

Also chips , maybe the odd bit of fish......

In fact anything he could borrow from your lunch.
The couple sitting here were another pair that were mugged.

Do you know this dog?


If you do and you wonder why he is putting on weight and why he disappears every lunch time, you will find him near the quay in Polperro.
After doing his rounds of visitors you might catch him strolling up the street, quite full with his chubby belly wobbling making his way home. Probably to sleep it all off.

We watched him for ages going from visitor to visitor...and yes....we couldn't resist feeding him either.. I noticed he didn't follow us on our steep walk......although we think it might have been better for him than hanging around the quay.

Cute isn't he... little weasel, pirate and bandit.


Lynda (Granny K) said...

It's a dogs life - but somebody has to do it! Lucky pup!
It sounds idyllic! Polperro AND fish and chips.

Myra said...

LOL! Too funny! Not for the unsuspecting diners, but funny! 8-)

Anonymous said...

He's adorable! He's the kind of little pooch I would take home with me ♥

Caroline B said...

Cute! My little dog is a cheeky begger too (pun intended!) and has been known to sit up and beg to complete strangers for treats...because we don't ever feed him...