Friday, 30 July 2010

Thanks from Soggibottom

Thanks guys, for all the beautiful comments and emails

we have had with reference to our beloved. Hannah

As you can see life at the cottage goes on.

With Frank, Amie Soto Blossom, Mew and Fluffs.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Beloved Hannah

And then God created a furry lump which for lack of a better name He called the Cat.

He looked at His creation and shook His head. It wasn't exactly what He had in mind.

He held the thing up in the air and it hung limply from His fingers.
He dropped it to the ground, and it spread out in all directions as flat as a pancake. And when He crossed the forelegs across the chest and folded the hind legs into a lotus position, that is exactly where the limbs stayed.

His curiosity piqued. He turned the body over, stretching it to almost twice its length. He rolled it into a small ball, twisting, bending, kneading it. The thing did not even open it's eyes.

He rubbed His beared incredulously.
He didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
He knew of course that what He had just created was less than a miracle.

But there was no time to make changes, not with the seven day deadline just around the corner.

"Oh, well." He shrugged. "You can't win them all."

With not a moment to spare upon it's arrival on earth, the cat curled up and went back to sleep.

Our beloved cat, Hannah.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Boscastle 2004 and Dartmoor foals

I haven't quite finished with yesterday's posting.

This photo shows the Cornish village of Boscastle in 2004 when a freak storm flooded the village. It wasn't the place to be at the time as people were rescued from the rooftops by helicopters.
Cars were washed away out of the harbour into the sea.

Although it poured with rain yesterday and hardly stopped it was nothing like the storm that hit Boscastle in the Summer of 2004.

We headed home over from Cornwall to Devon via Dartmoor National Park.
Our normal route blocked by a mobile home, we always seem to be lucky that way, being behind someone who has been reading their satelight navigation system.
Sat Navs aren't that useful around Devon and Cornwall as the roads are narrow, the small bridges narrower still.

It was good to leave the rain behind in Cornwall,

Back to our own side

Following smaller vehicles is much more our style.

Over bridges that were meant to take horse and carts.

There are still lots of foals around on the moor.

Lots of open spaces for them, except they wander all over the road.

I wish they would keep to the grass, they have enough of it.

Beautiful animals.

But if they want to wander on the road, I wouldn't dare argue with them.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Ruffin it in Boscastle Cornwall

I have wanted to go over to Boscastle for ages.

We could have picked a better day to visit.
View from the car window........................... picturesque don't you think ?

Between showers we did see some of the village.

This is where I wanted to go... the Witch Museum.

I parked my broom.

Along with another and then it started to thunder, the rain never stopped all afternoon.

One very wet Amie Soto Blossom came away with a new travel water dish.
After drying our prize possession carefully and wrapping her in a towel, the car heater full blast.

She tried her new water bowl.

I'm still not sure she was impressed... maybe we should have taken the price ticket off first.

Just to let you know, it wasn't cold enough for her coat.
Amie still got wet even though she hogged the umbrella.
On our side of Dartmoor in Devon there wasn't a drop of rain...... spooky !

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Bear and owner re-united.
Bear with paws and holes filled, new suit, hat and he is clean.
Although he's story isn't quite finished.......

I have gone back to my needles and sewing cottons over the last few days.
I thought I would show you a "find".
A find for me as they don't sell cotton on wooden reels anymore.

The cottons might be a few years old, but have been well kept and in pristine condition. They belonged to a bespoke Saville Row Tailor, to me they are like gold dust.

I've been sitting in the garden using them, occasionally taking time to watch the bees at work.

We also made a visit to the farm, as always Bessie the farm dog was waiting for her cookies.

Bessie is on here so often she may as well be a Soggibottom dog.
She never fails to make me laugh.....

We feel honoured as Bessie isn't good with everyone she meets.
Wonder why she likes us ?

Wendy's bear is still sitting in the cottage window.
After being reunited with Wendy on Sunday.
Wendy thought he should go into permanent retirement in a good home.....

So here he is, sitting with Perkins, gazing out of the window, protecting the cottage.
I promise not to make him work too hard. Perkins had to move over.
Who looks smug now Perkins ?

Friday, 16 July 2010

Bearly friends

Here is Wendy's bear sitting with Perkins.
I think he is ready to go home.

I promise to make sure I snap a few pics of Wendy and her bear when she meets him again on Sunday. She might notice a difference.

Perkins might have a few more strands of mohair, but to me he always looks smug.

I wonder what will roll along next ?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Chiltern Hugmee Please

Poor little Chiltern Hugmee.
Wendy's bear has now been cleaned and repaired as much as I dare.

As you might also notice I have done some home work to find out that he is indeed an English Bear.

This guy had to be repaired before he was bathed and large holes filled in his body. Although his back has more mohair than his front.
He now has all four paws restored.

I could patch his face, but then that would take his character away, so he has had his mouth restored and his nose lightly sewn back on. My stitches and thread have gone over his original nose. Leaving the original thread showing in places.
The idea to repair, is just that. To make him last longer and not change him.

Little weasel is another climber.
Here he is climbing onto the chair to have his new suit fitted.
It's a really good idea to help an older bear retain as much mohair as you can, by dressing them.
It keeps out dust and helps to cover any unsightly blemishes.
It also helps to give your bear their dignity back.
They have worked for a whole lifetime.
If you still have your childhood bear. They have probably worked the whole of your life time.
This guy would have looked a beautiful bear before he was loved to bits.

If your going to buy an old bear. Buy a bear that has a good covering of mohair, with no unsightly holes.

At the moment Wendy's bear is keeping Perkins company in the cottage window.
Starting to relax and take his retirement in his stride. He is also waiting for me to finish his new clothes.

You might not be keen on South Devon if your on holiday here this week.
This was Totnes High Street yesterday.

We really do need the rain.

Dartmoor isn't one of my favorite places to be when it's wet.

At least they are only showers, and I can always go home. I always love to see someone waiting in the window. The window is starting to fill up. I'm pleased to see there are more bears around on other blogs, entertaining themselves at windows. They get bored and climb all over the place otherwise. It's a really good place to be seen.

Many thanks to Preston School in Yeovil, Somerset for all the interest they have shown in Soggibottom Blog.
Soggibottom, the bears and Amie are all very honoured.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wendy's Teddy Bear

This is the restaurant that we use for coffee mornings with our friends.
It's 100 years older than Soggibottom. Every coffee morning we go to, it always leaves me feeling that I have walked into a time warp. I don't live in a time warp, I live at Soggibottom Cottage. Beautiful old thatch that Tudor Cottage is.

When I go there I always end up wondering what next !
This is Wendy.
This is Wendy's bear.

Poor little soul had to be wrapped in a bag (I never use plastic bags.... note ! )

I relented in the car and let his head out.
He sat in Amie's place on the back seat (chauffeur driven), while I kept glancing behind me to wonder how on earth I was going to repair him.
Good job I wasn't driving eh !
The photo's don't show how loved by Wendy he has been.

He is in... um.... poor condition.... for all those that follow Soggibottom blog.. yes, he is the same kind of bear that I renovated last time... I should put a link here, but for now I'll keep you wondering... lets say that he now has paws....
To one of my blogger friends who has just acquired a Perkins look a like.... well done. Mrs Lynda.
Wendy's bear is on his way to having a bath tomorrow.... I had to repair him first.
Have a great weekend..
Before I forget, as if I could..
Happy Birthday Mark........................................ love you lots X X X