Monday, 16 November 2009

Free cat calorie counter.

A few hours on from the last posting and Frank is none the worse for his adventure to the vet.

He is good and a gentleman when he is there.
All round large fluffy kitten in fact.
It's the ten minute car trip that he's not too keen on.

Nothing broken, maybe a torn ligament in his foot. Medication for a week.
It hurt us more than Frank. We were in there less than 4 minutes.
My joke of soon having to get a mortgage to pay the vet went down like a lead balloon at the reception desk..............

The problem being he is too big and too old now to go jumping from high fences.
He has a cat flap he could use but that's not macho.

If you want your cat to stay healthy it might help to follow a good exercise routine.

Jumping onto the living room couch must be worth 3 calories
Jumping up on top of a wardrobe (two tries) 10 calories
Chasing after a bird 250 calories
Chasing after a dog 100 calories
Being chased by a dog 10 calories
Rearranging pillows 100 calories
Moving from one side of the bed to the other 350 calories
Tail twitching 3 calories
Being shoved off a chair 3 calories
Finger painting with a tin of paint 110 calories
Responding to a call (first) 0 calories
Responding to a call (second) 0 calories
Responding to call (third) 0 calories
Taking a walk outside with the boss 20 calories
Taking a walk outside alone 2,500 calories

There is a bright side to this story, at least the birds will be safer for a while and the mouse population should have doubled by the time Frank gets back into the swing of things.


WendyCarole said...

hope Frank is better soon.

love Frank... Full name Frankie de tabby x said...

Thanks Wendy....

DAWNIE said...

Yes they are expensive items, but their company is just priceless.