Sunday, 30 January 2011


Doesn't time go by quickly when your having fun ?

Amie Soto Blossom at 12 weeks old.

Like most Cavaliers Amie likes to lady it above other's.
Amie in her sports car.....

Amie swimming with Grace.
Amie really can swim. Although now she sedately paddles in puddles.

Amie with Mew............

Amie and the pigeon......

Ames even has a cartoon drawn especially for her from Heather at Little Bearries

She loves fish and chips................ she only has fish though.

She has her own portrait by Michele Beesley. The beer wasn't intended for Amie.

Outgoing, loves to play ball. When she had her full set of teeth.

Addicted to ice cream.

Still has a passion for cars.

loves piggies.....

Hates babysitting toy kittens.

All in all, a good time had by all for 13 years.

When your teeth are few and your eye's can't see quite as far as they used to. No problem, your always remembered, not for what you have done, or brought to the world.
It's by how much love you give.

I've taken the photo's from past posts, we have so many other Photo's of Amie Soto Blossom, these are just a few from a large pile.

No matter how long your pet is with you, every day has for us and Amie for 13 years. HAVE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMES... you can even have some ice cream, fishies for tea, no chips.....
She's weight watching

January sky

When the chance comes along and it's a clear blue sky day in January.

It's good to head for the nearest beach. Have some fresh air and kick up some sand.

Some are left behind. Frank I have to admit, isn't a beach lover.

Especially when there are so many dogs around. Although I am sure Frank could hold his own. Or so he thinks !
Most enjoy the sun, don't be fooled it was -1 deg Centigrade.

There is always one that has to be in the photo. Head on the left......

Saturday, 29 January 2011

What do dogs dream off, bears, lace and daffodils.

January is moving along at a fast pace. February 14th and Valentine's Day can't be that far off.

I've used some of the antique lace I have, on a bear. Everyone knew that was the intended idea to start with.

Also on a denim top.

Lace is very fashionable at the moment.

After a few repairs to the lace I added it to the collar and cuffs, instant designer look.
I have to be careful when I wash the shirt the collar and cuffs don't fall to bits. I've just made a chuck it in the washing machine shirt into a hand wash only.

Monday is Amie Soto Blossom's birthday....our birthday girl.

Sometimes you can't help but wonder what dogs dream of when they are asleep.
She is asleep here, like some cats and dogs, she sleeps with her eye's open at times.
Amie IS ASLEEP BELIEVE ME.... I haven't added the sound of snoring here.

It could be a dream of daffodils and the signs of Spring.
No chance, it's been too cold here this week.

Could be Amie's dreaming of a bad hair day.

Or that juicy bone that is always just out of reach.

Cold weather has returned, where ever you are, keep warm and have a great weekend.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Shar pei pup visiting with AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM

When we normally visit all my favorite people.

We go past fields, up roads and down roads, over hills, up and down hills.

Some of it goes by in a blur to me, as most of you know, I am chauffeured and sit in the back of the car.

Every one knows I sit in the back and take it easy.

We normally pass Stonehenge and see lots of sheep.
But you all know that.

When we stop I get very excited and suddenly come to life, I love seeing my favorite people.

Ah, now this might be a different story here, because we normally visit,

Tilly May, Jake, Kiann, Karina, Jason, Mark and Becca.

I also like to say hello to the terrapin's/ turtley things, Lewie the rabbit, (no pic here as he was asleep) . George the guinea pig, (no pic here as he was asleep). Kitty the cat (missing and thought to be asleep upstairs, no pic here) and the hamster.... no pic either as she was asleep.
They sleep so much here !

I never knew that my favorite people of all time had a caterpillar.

He looked like a caterpillar to me.

They call him "CHOPS". A Char pei ten week old pup.
Here he is getting a few of my cuddles from Jake.

Here he is again with Tilly May.

Trying to play with me...

Nutter !

They didn't all take notice of him.
Becca, Tilly May and Kiann had other things to do.
If your looking at the background in this pic, I had a kiss from Mark, my mum was holding me, I only have very short legs after all.

I made sure I had my tongue in some one's coffee.

It feels quite strange not to be the only dog in the family.

There was lots of hands on experience with Chops.

As if I care.... notice the empty coffee cup....

He does however seem to have made an impression on the whole of the family.

Attention seeker.

All this hands on thing...

I'm going to have to watch him.

There is one good thing though,

When he falls asleep, as pups do at the strangest of times,

Guess what ?
HE SNORES.............

He can't be that bad after all.
No I don't want to read the paper.

Time goes far too quickly. Mark and Becca go one way.

We head back, South West towards the setting sun.

Leaving the rest of the mob at home.
As for Chops, loved him. Always good to meet new friends, looks like this little guy is going to grow to a very big guy, but hey what are the size of paws between friends. He snores and that is good enough for me.

It's always good to get home to tease Mew, I had a present from Chops to take home, so I made the most of it.