Monday, 16 November 2009

If your cat won't fit into the bath you know it's a large cat.

I have heard that if your cat won't fit into the average size kitchen bowl, then it might, just might be slightly large. If it doesn't fit into the average size bath than it really needs to go on a diet.

It would take a better person than me to try and get Frank into a bowl (with or without water) let alone a bath ~(with or without water).

He isn't over weight although he is a very large cat.
At 12 and a half probably just passing his prime (unless you know differently).

Slightly too heavy to go jumping fences with his old skill and grace. The reason why he is limping.
Trip to the vet is imminent Frank...... an hour away and the clock is ticking.

I know he will quite happily go into the basket. The car journey is a trial of yells. Wish us luck!
Why do they always hurt themselves at the weekend?


Dolores said...

I do hope it's not too serious with Frank. Our vet is only 15 minutes away. There are closer ones but we like the vet. Since we have multiple pets, we get a 10% discount too. The cats haven't been too often and Baxter only goes once a year for a check-up and his rabies shot.

Anonymous said...

Poor Frank.. silly cat. I guess he's not ready to admit that he's getting on a bit, eh? Cuddles for Frank, kisses and hugs for the rest of you lot! xoxo

Oh, did you watch the new Who episode last night?