Saturday, 21 June 2014

Mid Summer at Soggibottom Cottage 2014

I'm sure there are more beautiful places to be on such a perfect sunny Summer Solstice day, but at the moment I can't think of a better place than right beside a shady river at the edge of  Dartmoor National Park.

The river Bovy at it's best with the sun filtering through the tree's, dancing on the water.

The shallow sides of the river also make it a great place for a dog to paddle.

Finding the old railway track that seems to go on forever before eventually arriving back where we started our walk by the meadow beside the river. Perfect.

Soggibottom has been very lax at blogging lately,  many thanks to all who have contacted us wondering where we have been.

There have been ducks to feed.

Dragonfly's to count.

As well as growing apples and tomato plants to keep an eye on.

Sunsets to gaze at through the open cottage window.

A full moon to stand with wonder and stare at.

There has also been lots of ice cream.

Lake side walks.

Grebe watching.

Beach walks.

Friends to meet and greet as they pass the cottage.

Toy bunnies to knit.
This free knitting pattern can be found HERE, it's an easy to follow pattern
The Soggibottom version of the bunnies uses bright coloured wool, it is a beautiful pattern.

There is even a Freya Rose Blossom version. Although it doesn't quite capture Freya's smile.

Freya Rose Blossom is over at  CAT FLAP CAVALIER  as usual if you want to catch up with her.

Mid Summer, well, not all about Stonehenge is it ?
Have a great day where ever you are guys. :-) xxx