Saturday, 21 November 2009

Little wooden doll

The wooden doll above was sent to the cottage last year, from Michele. We both have the same name spelt the same way. One lives on one side of a the pond and one lives the other. One is a talented isn't!!!! No guessing which one here......O.K. I'm not..........

The doll arrived slightly too late to go onto our Christmas tree last year.
Instead she has been roaming around the cottage going from room to room in different locations. This little wooden doll has made me smile for months. Soon be time for her to do her stuff and sit on the Christmas tree.

I mentioned a teapot a couple of posts ago, o.k. not the one above, but for some strange reason, tea and teapots have been constantly in email's this week........ maybe we shouldn't mention the tea cozy! (I really did need one).


Anonymous said...

What sweet little teapot and your angel is beautiful. I am beginning to see a lot of Christmas on the blogs. It is such an exciting time of year. I can imagine you sipping tea from your little tea pot on Christmas morning :>)

WendyCarole said...

love the teapot and the angel