Monday, 31 October 2011

Pumpkin Tree grown at Soggibottom

The pumpkin was grown at Soggibottom Cottage, art work by Karina.Where ever Karina gets her skill from it's not us.

Soggibottom Cottage isn't that great in the art of pumpkin carving. The usual face on a pumpkin is as far as our talent goes. This year,  the bear is dressed and standing in the cottage window, there are certain items which have been  left out. Anything with a stick is slightly too tempting for a young pup.  He is however having a fair amount of admiring glances as usual when people pass the window.

The bear does have his own black cat. 

End of October already,

some are still paddling in the sea.

Only the brave ones. 

Some just look on.

Freya Rose Blossom can be found over at the  CAT FLAP CAVALIER.

Where ever you are and what ever your doing tonight have a Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wet and Windy, when to pick up shellfish on Dawlish Beach

 The South West had a weekend of storms

Back to our normal wet and windy October weather.

Except this morning it was a clear, calm morning, too good not to go for a walk along the beach.

It also gave us a chance to try out our new camera.
Freya gives a whole new meaning of burying your head in the sand.

There were more things to keep her occupied than digging this morning. The storm brought in various shell fish, all littered along the tide line.

Some still alive and hanging in there waiting for the tide to turn.

Some were lucky, some not.

The gulls ate a hearty breakfast.

In fact the shell fish seemed to be disappearing at an alarming rate.

Seems there is such a thing as a free lunch after all.

At least until the tide came back in.

Word of warning about shell fish, only pick up the unopened ones, if the seagulls have got there before you, it's best to leave well alone.
Mussels are best from October to March.

But why ask me, I'm not the Soggibottom cook.

You can see Freya over on CATFLAP CAVALIER gibbering  about her toys.You can also see her in her first ever video appearance.  How to pick up a stone with no hands.

Or how bemused am I ...................

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Port Wrinkle, horse hair and lime plaster walls.

Port Wrinkle is a place name.

I'm sure it looks more inviting during the Summer months..

Even  the small boats in the harbour were out of the water, tucked away for the Winter.

We have been up to other things than walking Freya along the coast this week.
The cottage is having a wall repaired.

A Cob specialist has been hard at work for weeks. Horse hair and lime plaster for the first coat, then a long wait until the second coat was applied. We are on the third coat now and have to wait at least fourteen days for it to dry before a final coat of lime wash will be applied. Living in such a beautiful old cottage has it's advantages, sometimes it's disadvantages as cob cottages have to be looked after properly, using the right tools and building materials. The dry weather isn't going to last for fourteen days, the wall will be fine even when it rains.....  although we will feel happier when the final coat of lime wash goes on.

Mr weatherman forecasts rain tomorrow.

At least the wall is almost finished, this is when it was stripped back a few weeks ago.

The sound of knitting needles clicking away can be heard during the evening. A sure sign that cold weather is around again.

This little flower is an easy make to decorate a dainty cardy. I know not everyone knits, but this is beginners stuff, I can't go wrong.

A pair of gloves.

You know the kind that are half gloves.

 Then turn out to be mitts after all.

We had to say bye bye to an old friend this week. Not to Freya but to our camera. It's still working, it hasn't gone to the great camera shop in the sky, It doesn't pick up views and distance very well, so we have upgraded to a higher pixel camera.All the photo's you have ever seen on Soggibottom's blog have been from a small pink 10.5 pixel camera. Happy snap stuff. Happy snap stuff is fine by us. There is a mix of old and new camera photo's on this post, wonder if you can tell  which one's were taken with our old camera?....

The new camera has a quicker shutter speed, good enough to show you Freya's teeth which are rounding off nicely. She's not picking up everything she comes across as she used to.Visitors are now leaving the cottage with the same amount of fingers that they came in with.

She will however have a good chew at some things when in a playful mood...

NO ONE TOUCHES Frank's tail,

not even Freya.

Freya is now five months old. Doesn't time go fast when your having fun ?

Freya as usual can be found on her own blog  CATFLAP CAVALIER 
Best not to tell her the tide is coming in.....

Friday, 14 October 2011

The back of beyond.

We've been travelling past my favorite set of stones this week. A slightly closer view than I normally show on here. To get closer you have to pay and walk under a road tunnel that will take you under the wire fence, no trying to duck under it either..

Loads of sheep around as usual.
At eleven in the morning parked along a farm track near the Henge it was cold and windy.
A happy 11 deg Cel.

It never looks inviting enough this time of year to get out from a warm car.

There are some that have to be coaxed.

There are some that take the plunge, no matter what time of day or night you pass, no matter what weather, it always seems as if someone is walking around.

We went to see Jake..

Mr Chops,.

 Tilly May,

and Kiann.
We also made the most of our visit and called into Ferry cottage.

Freya can be decidedly pushy at times. .

It's seems a long way back home at this time of year.
Even longer when half way along the road you have to stop.....

You might not be able to see the stones in the photo, but take my word they are there.
No matter what time of night it is, there is always someone walking around !
The wind had dropped it was a balmy 15 deg C. The best time to visit Stonehenge might be at night after all.

You can find Freya Rose Blossom as usual over at CATFLAP CAVALIER
Where ever your heading this weekend, have a great time.