Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Spaced out tea pot and cover

We have been saving this packet of tea "for occasions" - as you do....... It came from our very good friends the Beesley's in Michigan.

After the storms that have hit the South West and the whole of England last weekend we ventured out into our garden to view the damage. I can't believe we escaped intact. Out came the "tea" - as it was afternoon, it had to be tea. Ah... the special one

Yes, we have a tea pot, it's packed up somewhere in the cottage. It was unpacked when we moved in then packed up again when we were flooded and we decided that only the things that were used regularly could go into the kitchen. The old teapot was 1930's one.... as usual, I know it is around, somewhere....... I brought a really expensive new teapot from the supermarket (if you go into Asda you too can have a teapot for £3.50) then I thought it was missing something.... you've guessed it..... here it is..... the tea cosy.

All the most fantastic art and crafts on blogs and I display a tea cosy.


This is an apple, from our tree. The last survivor of the Summer. The reason for celebration.

The apple that survived the storm. The one we missed.

Only one thing to do, cut in half and..........

we ate half each. The left of your screen is my bit I might add, I didn't leave much.

I know this is a silly posting. This afternoon I had an email from a lady called Mary Anna, thanking me for the rag doll pattern I put on here (seems like ages ago). Wow, all the hits the doll and bear and bee box get and Mary Anna email comes out of the blue from someone I don't know.

How many times have I hit ghoul (sorry, Google) trying to find something, and it comes up that I should pay for the privilege of a pattern.

So for all the darlings out there who charge,
one word....R.A.T.S....I have, very sorry had to withdraw from following a blog tonight who charge. Be more giving.... you will feel better for it!
I really wish people would have a more giving nature. Mary Anna and everyone else who has used the patterns...you are very welcome.

Thank you too for every one who has emailed or left a comment about Frank.
He might be macho, but he is the biggest wimp you will ever come across. WE LOVE HIM, even his psychotic tendencies.
Frank is sleeping off his second dose of medication.... Mice are safe tonight.

If you really want the teapot cozy pattern let me know, and I'll blog it.


Dolores said...

I remember eons ago my mom got a pattern for a tea cozy from one of the ladies that lived in our apartment building. It was done with the popcorn stitch. I think it was more learning how to do the stitch than it was about the tea cozy. We really didn't drink that much tea. Mom was a coffee drinker.

Heather said...

Oh! I'm a tea fiend!!

That is one thing I love about Michigan, there is a LOT of tea here.

What's your favorite tea?

WendyCarole said...

oooooh we had to make tea cosy covers like that when I was at Primary school in the 50s. Well most of the girls did. I didn't cos I could already knit and did other things.

perhaps I should give it ago now

Glad Frank is progressing

Michele said...

Midge, How did you like the tea from the Beesleys in Michigan? And Heather is right, there is a lot of tea in Michigan. In thinking on that, it must be because there are so many artistic folk here. As there are in Britain! Loved your tea cozy, but we drink it so fast we don't need one! And thank you too, for the variety package of Twinings..

Anonymous said...

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