Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Beary Happy Ending.

We love happy endings here at Soggibottom, a photo of Patrica's bear back home where she belongs.

Wish we could say the same about Freya's friend Puff. He is losing his BITS rapidly, he is so loved. Bear maker or no bear maker, Puff would need a miracle to restore him.  Before anyone suggests it , not even the kiss of life on his beak. Freya loves him. dearly so that's all that matters.

Everyone needs to see a happy ending. With or without a fairy God Mother.

Here are three of our girls, Kiann, Tilly May and Karina.

Thank you for all your good thoughts for Karina last week.
We have been waiting to be able to to post something really good and say she is fine.
Unfortunately after one week after coming out of hospital, Karina is back in there tonight.

Soggibottom will post updates, but at the moment we are going to have a small blogging break.

Freya will still be over at her blog CAT FLAP CAVALIER.... she is in a giving mood at the moment, but as normal only has one thing on her mind... 

Lots of love and thanks for all your good wishes. x x x

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Patricia's bear and the pier at Teignmouth.

Brilliant when a plan comes together.

Better still when a box of bits becomes a teddy bear again.

This little bear you saw a couple of posts ago. She came over the bridge to be repaired. I must say she  wasn't an easy project.
It wasn't a case of bundling bits in and sewing everything up again.  She will be going home with everything she came with and a little more. Eye's too.
It must be every repairer's nightmare when something you are repairing falls to bits in your hands.
You might remember this photo.

Frankie de tabby kept a good eye on all the repairs.

Working on the bear, Frank demanded attention at every critical moment, always when I had managed to glue my fingers together. I so love my cat.

I love a happy ending.

Happy days, after all the rain, the sun has returned.

Temperatures are up and Magnolia tree's are in bloom.

It was low tide on the beach this morning, giving everyone the chance to walk onto the sandbanks that are normally under water. 

It also gave everyone a better view of the pier.  It was built in 1865. The last Winter storm just about finished it off.

It's all closed off at the moment, no entry, it would be a good thought it can be repaired.
What is a seaside town without it's pier ?

Or without a sandy beach to dig in, eh, Freya.

Lots of love to our daughter Karina who with luck should be out of hospital tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great week and the sun keeps shining.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Scarlett's bear

Scarlett's Soggibottom teddy bear has been tracked by us all weekend.

Four days from Matilda bear making her way over our little bridge, she arrived in Texas.

Many thanks to Robin and Scarlett for sending such happy photo's.
One Soggibottom teddy bear who is going to be so well looked after.
Best of all it's great to know you have made someone smile.

We have been out and about on the Atlantic side of our coast this week.

So much digging sand for Freya, she didn't know where to start her first dig hole.

We even found some company while we were eating lunch.

 Meet Ollie.

After helping us with our lunch he then decided to go and try his luck again further along the beach. Perseverance pays off.

Freya is over at Cat Flap Cavalier.
Many thanks again to Robin and Scarlett for sharing such beautiful photo's. x x x

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Soggibottom Teddy Bear Hospital - Devon

As one bear travels to her new home.

Another comes over our little bridge.

If your squeamish, look away NOW.

This little bear has been in a dog fight. Looking at her I can see there is no way am I going to be able to put back what must now reside in the dogs stomach.

Emailing her owner today, it was hard to find words to say, that as soon as I touched the little bear I found bits came away in my hand.
Because of the bear's distress she was delicately handled before she came to Soggibottom anyway.
If I am to put this little bear together again, I need to explore and take things apart.

One side of her is better than the other, her head caused me a problem.
Which makes me think she has been lovingly stored away, but with her head showing and possibly her left side being covered.  Her right not covered at all.

Little bear is in safe hands. Doing the normal RIGHT things to a distressed bear, well, there is no such thing as normal. 

She lost her head.

Limbs, she only lost two this week. The idea being not to change the bear, but to repair what can be repaired.

Cotter pin joints. They were put back only three new pins needed. As much of the original bear needs to be saved.

Her head fell to bits as I tried to sew, no way could I put safety eye's in her. I tried, failed. 

The problem being that this little bear is made of sheepskin. The actual skin is paper thin and at a touch falls to bits.

This repair, is so NOT EASY !
I won't say what part of the little bear this is. I hope her owner will forgive me.

She will however look better when she can see.. head back on, and in one piece only an ear missing now.

Here she is at the moment :-) LOADS to do..... but, coming along.
She will look better at the next update. She will have eye's.
Little bear will be fine. GLORIOUS SUNNY DAY, little bear needed time on her own to recover anyway. 

The sand digger and headless wonder can be found over at CAT FLAP CAVALIER as usual. Have a good weekend guys.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

One Thousand Tree's felled in Winter Storms

We had more than a surprise on one of our walks with Freya this week.

 One of our usual walking haunts has lost over a thousand tree's in our Winter storms.

The before,

and the after photo's.

A few years ago Haldon Forest near Exeter held a painting exhibition high in the trees.
Happier days for some of the tree's.

At least it's good to see someone has a sense of humor.

It's been a busy week at Soggibottom.
Another Soggibottom bear is about to make her way over our little bridge to Texas.
It will be quite strange for the little bear to see some sunshine, I might have to send a pair of sunglasses with her.

You can find Freya over at Cat Flap Cavalier.

Have a great  St David's Day, hope there are lots of rainbows in your weekend:-) xxx