Saturday, 28 April 2012

Oh, I took that ..... Blogger is too slow uploading photo's.... GET A GRIP GUYS

I love having our new camera back..

Our little pink number is again relegated back into the cupboard......
She is reliable.... and pink, so defiantly a "she".....  not that I ever get attached  !

I hadn't forgotten the photo's that were on our old NEW camera before it went to be repaired.... I just never realised that with everything removed from the camera,  the memory of the photo's would still be there. DIM, or what ?
Not enough sleep maybe..... 

Blogger at the moment is such hard work trying to upload photo's. Scrub that. A PHOTO.... The keys on the keyboard move quicker than uploading a photo to blogger.......................  You can type five words a minute and still be a star..... ref.. it's quicker than trying to upload a photo.

It distracts me from what I want to say...
This is one of the photo's in the camera... Thinking here, when they were down loaded they weren't that bad.. not great, but not bad......  This is the farm where Bessie the dog lives .......

Trying to upload a photo, blogger has completely lost me on my train of thought. ...........

I haven't seen Anemone's for sale ever. I have only seen them on 1960's chocolate boxes.
No one tell me I am that old .... 

That must have been before the Internet and BLOGGER and trying to download a photo.

I love anemone's. I used to look at my Nana with pleading eye's at Christmas and she would delve into her Christmas Chocolates more than she might have if I hadn't have been right beside her with calf eye's.

Or soft brown eye's like Freya's.. Freya hasn't made a post this week, she has been out and about, but like me, busy this week....... I'm sure she'll catch up, Have a great weekend guys .

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The froggy Prince

I've been hiding the frog prince, not one of my best.

Froggy Prince and the Kermee backpack were intended for Tilly May.

If Tilly May is happy then so I am.
I might not have been happy with the outcome of the dinasaur froggy prince, but I love up-cycling denim.
No one tell my eldest son about the pair of jeans he left here on his last visit. They had a hole in the knee and he wouldn't have worn them again... Would he ?

Seems that blogger and I have big issues again, I've changed back to their new THING, not to keep them happy, but to be able to post photo's on here. So far, I have managed three photo's.

At the fifth attempt, I can show you my other girls. Karina, Kiann and Becca

We had our broken camera returned to us this afternoon. Well done Panasonic, there are some who deliver after all. THANK YOU. Works perfectly. ...
I'm pushing my luck trying to put more pics up here, so thought I would leave you with our other girl you all know...

Spruced up especially by Tilly May and Karina............ Freya had a great time at the weekend you can see her blog at the Catflap Cavalier.....

Saturday, 21 April 2012

System error

The clouds seem to have passed. The old Blogger interface is back for now at least.
Try the updated Blogger interface?
Go away !

 I felt a bit like Freya, stuck in the middle of the park with a storm brewing.

At least we know our little camera made it to where it was intended... System error....

We couldn't have worn it out already it's not a year old yet. At least we have our old trusty little pink number that was rescued from the cupboard yesterday. Turned it on and it still had it's charge. Wow... it's about five years old and still going strong..The camera not the charge before anyone tells me how great the battery is.  The pixel quality isn't as good, but IT WORKS.... It was good enough to take the above photo's on here, so it's not that bad.

Something entirely different, my friend Caroline at Uniqart is having a very unusual giveaway, Caroline is a lady of many talents, but don't tell her I told you.....

Hope you all have a great weekend.

 Freya is over at her blog THE CATFLAP CAVALIER as usual.

Blogger is messing around again.............

Oh WOW, seems as if the day has really gone wrong. Not just the new singing camera is broken Blogger has decided to without warning given a new look AGAIN............ Try some photo's  :-)
Not sure if I really like everything that changes so much all the time I post there is something different to get used to............
But Freya is still here and so are we ..  Guys, not sure if I like this new blogger.............. but you always know where we are, just over the bridge xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Moles on the beach at Slapton Ley in Devon

I hope this looks nothing like a mole on a beach. The mole will be relevant later in the post.  I thought it about time we had some colour on here. This is only one square intended for a new quilt. Four down and 16 to go. It might be ready at Christmas, not sure exactly what year though.

At the moment the quilt square colours mirror the colours in our garden.

We haven't been in our garden all week, we've been out and about on the beach.

Some of the roads here are not meant for double decker buses.

If we had been right behind the bus and not a few cars away, I would have missed another sign to show you.

It seems we are on a mission to find strange place names. I'm not sure who's window I was looking in, just like to apologise now if anyone saw me and thought I was trying to be nosey.

This is where we were heading for, Slapton Ley. The sea and the beach one side. the Ley on the other. The Ley is a nature reserve for wild birds. Dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on a lead.

 There is only so close you can ever get to a Heron.

Especially when Freya seemed more interested in giving the real close up, nose to nose greeting.

Freya might have had to go on her lead here, but on the beach she was free to run and dig where she wanted.

A whole mile of running and digging.

Like a Mole on the beach. We're thinking of attaching a metal detector to her collar... AS IF , but for all the digging she does, all she ever brings back are stones.

For anyone that has used Picnic to add text or enhance their photo's, how sad it's now closing down it's site. Ah, big AH, I am a picnic addict. Nearly all the photo's on Soggibottom or Freya's Catflap Cavalier use Picnic. But fear not, there is another. For all the picnic lovers out there try Befunky.
You can enhance and add text to your photo's.

This is a photo taken today along the beach, Start point in the distance.
Same photo, but with a bit of Befunky enhancement.

The tulip at the top of the post.

The same photo, with a bit of Befunky enhancement again.

I never attempted to enhance this photo, but it gave us the "thought of the day" as we followed it home through the narrow lanes.

When you have no chance of overtaking a large load of manure, stacked high on a trailer being pulled by a tractor, stay well back........... because when it's dry it goes everywhere..... best to keep all the car window's closed too.

Freya can be found over at the  Catflap Cavalier  as usual.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Snap and click, snap and click, snap and click, snap and click.

I find it very hard to link photo's sometimes, this is Dartmoor in all of it's glory today.

I keep snapping and then forget, or don't use half of the photo's, they tend to stack up forgotten at the very bottom of the photo files.

So today, I thought I would show you Spring in Devon,

When someone asks me to describe the place where we live, nothing does it better than a photo even if it's a photo taken on a grey day. We live over there on the other side of the hill by the way.

The bluebells are out, one of my very favourite times of year. Everything looks, not just green, but a fresh green after the long days of Winter. There is a bluebell wood at the back of the village, it's on Freya's list of  places to walk later in the week.

We were in Totnes this morning, a trip to Ticklemore Street  (you thought our cottage had a funny name).  There is a great cheese shop. If you go in, you can even try before you buy.

As I keep snapping Freya for her blog, I find myself being aware of things at Freya's height. Notice the weeds at the shop door way. It's still a great cheese shop though, weeds at the door or not. Weeds or flowers ?
Take my word for it the cheese shop and the bluebell wood have a totally different smell.

Photo's from Freya's beach walk yesterday.

For all the drought conditions in the South and East of the country, we have water. Except not always where we need it, this was a downpour out at sea.

The sunset over Dartmoor last night.
I've used the photo's that I would have left unused. As for Freya's photo's......

Everyone with her in it, is a treasure.
You can find her over at Catflap Cavalier.
Or, if your in the bluebell wood during the week, we'll see you there.