Saturday, 24 January 2015

The beach

Thanks to everyone who has commented on Soggibottom's blog and Cat Flap Cavalier, not forgetting the ratty ol cat's Facebook page over the last few weeks.

We are here and will be blogging. Might not be commenting on blogs but will be reading.

Didn't want anyone to think we had forgotten them.

Mutt will be back over at her blog CAT FLAP CAVALIER  during the weekend.
Till then as she always says, Luvs x x x

Monday, 19 January 2015

My first dog.

So many old photo's in an album. Some of them I have never seen.

Some of them I can remember being taken but haven't seen for years.

My mum, me and my Nana. I was in hospital and tried to bite my lip to stop crying as I knew they were about to go. Kids know these things.
My kids know this memory because I grow sweet peas in our garden when I can. A memory I often relay to them, now I can say this is the photo, my sense of smell takes me back to sweet pea's.
The flowers in my arms, need you guess.

An even earlier photo. one of a fat faced little kid and another dog. Looking at the photo, I don't know my mum and dad or my Nana by looking at them.  They are so thin.  Fat little kid who isn't smiling.

Same era, same place. Me, my mum and my Nana who taught me to sew. We were at Lands End in Cornwall, again in the LATE 50's. I best tell you it was the LATE 50's, incase anyone thinks it was even earlier which would make me even older.

Yep, misery in the middle again.

A few years on and here I am in Wales. I was three years old, can't remember this photo being taken.

Going back in time again, I can't remember this one being taken either, but it was in Lands End in Cornwall.

Thanks to two of our very grown up kids and my daughter in law Becca this weekend who took time out to come and visit us.They all have their own very special busy lives to lead.

Not forgetting a very special Skype call from Cambodia.

I always love water.

Love hot weather.

Love cats. if you look, that is a ginger cat in that dolls pram.

Always loved my dogs so much that they become a detraction from things I should other wise be doing. I never loved my hair.

Always loved my kids.
To my dear husband who had been on and on and on at me to DO A SOGGIBOTTOM BLOG POST.

Here it is, and when you ask do I love you and I ask,"what have you done  now" ?

You will smile and say, "I haven't done a thing". Then you will laugh !
I will probably say silly devil. OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

Thanks mum for keeping such precious memories.
 x x x
My proof reader might not be available at times but I promise to do my best and stay away from silly distractions.
I will do Soggibottom posts and remember that no matter what comes along, always smile, never moan and groan about the things that happen in life that you can't change.
English saying, best foot forward, upwards and onwards. Promise to see you all soon. Probably very soon.... 

Freya has a blog of her own which is a great distraction. Sometimes that mutt needs to focus.