Saturday, 22 August 2009

Yeah. Yeah! Design

We have just had the creative director of YEAH YEAH DESIGN.... come through the door.....


One of us was waiting for's slightly chilly here tonight so she had her scarf on... she dragged it through the dirt before getting a pose for the camera.

I have also found another great quilting blog. Faithful Quilter is having a "Civil War" give away. You have to be quick and enter by Thursday 27th Aug. Click on the link for Faithful quilter. Good luck, just in case anyone asks....the cannon ball at the Cottage is staying where it is.


Dolores said...

Amie is so adorable with the red scarf. I was going to do the "what's black and white and ..." well, you know but there is only a touch of red.

ittybittyandpretty said...

what a poser!

Anonymous said...

Well hello cutie!

Haha, Rosey you're right there, I think Amie is a ham for the camera!


Don said...

Our Jackie wouldn't tolerate a scarf (being fashion-deficient), but she does appreciate, nay...demands, a blanket to cover her recumbency.