Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Any idea what these are?

We know, just wondering if anyone else out there does.

No competitions, (sorry) no prize for guessing............

They look decorative on top of the fire place, but it's not what they were made for.

My word there are some quick bloggers out there. I thought I would post the first picture then go and take a quick snap of the muskets. Your right....... as organised as a barrel of frogs.

You were too quick for me.
Mind you I did do a couple of emails and feed Fluff, Frank, Hannah and Mew in between.

I'm not that keen on the muskets being displayed on the wall, even though they are reproductions.
But as we have the REPRODUCTION muskets, at least I can give you an idea of the REAL musket balls size. The smaller musket ball would probably have fitted the smaller gun (the one at the bottom of the picture).


ittybittyandpretty said...

are they part of the cannon ball you mentioned in a previous post???
i will be waiting with baited breath.
%*_*% rosey

Dolores said...

Since there isn['t anything beside them to show how big or small they were, my first thought was some kind of round ball shot for an old gun. Similar to what you see here

Caroline B said...

My uncle had a musket & I got to shoot it once - wow, what a bang & quite a kick-back too!

James de goal said...

They are balls aren't they....