Sunday, 16 August 2009

Ball park dog

Have to add Amie on here now and again or we receive emails from her friends asking about her.
Yes she is snoring as I type. But just to prove she doesn't sleep all the time.

This is one of her favorite games. HOLD ONTO THE BALL, HOLD TIGHTLY, DON'T LET GO.. You will notice she still has enough teeth to do just that.

Bats.......well... yes she is, along with her owners probably.

Thanks guys for all your comments on the last post about bats. You still come across the odd one who think that the bats are going to grab their hair. It made me smile that so many that call in here on the Soggibottom blog also like bats!

I'm not sure if I would find them so appealing knowing that they have roosted in the cottage. I can imagine creeping up to the attic to feed them (if they were resident I would have to). Finding them in material would be.... a...slight surprise.
We have an old cider press on the other side of the bridge, I think that is where they come from.

Long may they fly around and long may I watch them during Summer evening. Lucky for them they are also quicker than FRANK!!!!!

No one dare call me BATWOMAN! x x x


Don said...

Amie is a lucky dog.

Dolores said...

OMG, I could never do what Amie does. I would gag. Poor ball. Is there anything left after Amie is through with it?

Raggy Rat said...

hello batwoman
i do miss you and its about time i popped in here to have a nosey
been a bit busy doing go knows what !
and complaining to bt about state of broad band
come on over bring your guitar
a wrong blog is long over due !!!

cat xxx

Anonymous said...

Amie is lovely! Glad my dog is not the only one unwilling to give up his ball. Lovely blog, looking forward to exploring it more.