Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Things to do at Dartmouth Royal Regatta in Devon in Regatta Week

You can watch the gig racing from the shore.

Have a go at crabbing on the quay.

Catch streaky bacon loving crabs.

Never cross the Regatta officials.

Gaze at the shops in the town....you might need to look closely here at the prices.
Surely not, or is it because it is Regatta week?

You can follow Amie around. She knows her way around Dartmouth on foot and with a blind fold.
Here she is under the Butter Walk.

You can cross the Dart using the Lower Ferry... if the weather is rough this ferry is more fun than the higher one. Talking to two very senior citizens of Dartmouth yesterday they remembered when it cost 3d to cross from Dartmouth to Kingswear. 3d is the equivalent of one and a half pence. ............
Yesterday it cost £3.20 to cross here. (It's £3.50 on the higher ferry). So really the lower ferry is better value all way round. It's cheaper and you can have a real scary ride. Did I say scary.... I meant fun....fun....fun.....



Sparky said...

c'mon blue!!!

pink and fluffy said...

re, one red one red one.... the one eating fish and chips as he is rowing!

Rear admiral Upham-Backshaft (retd) said...

I'll have you know!! none of our competitors eat "fish n chips" this is a serious sport!! I will not have it derided by people from the "outside" wandering around Dartmouth looking sluvenly, now buck up!!

albert broccolli sprout(green) said...

Nah come on, I'ive pulled a few oars during dis race an I nose wot gos on a bit!! 10 pints a larger, bag a crips a pastee an shooftee up matrons blue sherge knicks an your away!!

Bunny said...


I love love love them.

midge said...

Me too buns x x x

Midge said...

except i am the world's worse sailor..........it got so bad once I jumped boat. I felt instantly better in the water than I did on the boat. I have to add that the water was warmer than English waters...there have been times I think I have cracked sea sickness, only to find out I was dreaming!
If I need to travel on water, I have to swim for it x x x