Friday, 7 August 2009

Free Rag Doll Pattern from Soggibottom

I've made a girl and a boy doll, they are really cute dolls that need not cost a fortune to make.
Just imagination. (Some bright spark will tell me just how many days it is until Christmas Day).

The girl doll I've made with recycled jeans material. What do you do with your old jeans?

Here is the pattern. Also a dress and knicker pattern to dress your doll. The face is embroidered and I have used knitting wool that has a felted thread going through it for the hair.
Any questions ?
It is quite easy to put together but if you need to your always welcome to ask me and I will help.


Dolores said...

According to my friend at there are 140 days till Christmas here in Canada. I cheated because I knew she had a counter on her blog.
Thanks for the pattern. Now I have to find time.

Caroline B said...

These are cute! I like the little boy-doll's face in particular!

Myra said...

Awesome Rag Dolls! 8-)
I shall have to save this pattern for if and when grandchildren come...
Happy stitchings!

Raggy Rat said...

i once made a soft phone after i cut up some old jeans i was run over in ... old fashioned phone ya know, like the fisher price toy !

these look good

the word verification is biting
now dont excpect me to rmember which posts i left comments on michelle !

Unknown said...

Very very cute dolls..thank you for sharing them with us ;)

oplatypus said...

hi.... thank you for the pattern-these dolls are really cute. i spontaneously had a go at making one tonight... but.. I started too late and my sleepy brain can't quite figure out which order to sew the things..i'm sure it is very obvious..but i've tried 2 times already and keep getting the seams all wrong... please could you help?!?!? Thank you!!!

tijerasycuchara said...

I like your works, they are beautiful. I congratulate them
good weekend

Unknown said...

Hi, I ove your pattern,could you tell me how to increase the pattern size ?

Soggibottom said...

Hi Unknown.
If you use a printer or a photo copier it's easy to reduce or enlarge the pattern. Hope this helps.