Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Harry Patch Bear (the last Tommy)

As promised to True Blue Canadian a grainy picture of a Soggibottom Harry Patch Bear.
Our last Tommy......
I had to hunt around the cottage to find the old photo's.
Taken on our now obsolete camera.

Every time the real Tommy........ Harry Patch hit the headlines with another birthday I would be utterly amazed at his longevity and the history within.
How could I not make a bear.

I never made Harry Patch with patches of sewn on cloth, he is an ordinary bear with larger than normal ears. I think his ears were his charm.

I normally tend to make ONLY ONE of any Soggibottom bear. By doing that I tend to think it makes the bear really special. The Harry Patch ted's orders just kept coming......

I still have his pattern by the way!!!!!!!!!!
You will have to catch me when I am in a beary making mood............and I have the time.

Soggibottom Bear fact..........

Harry Patch was a child friendly bear.
Safety eyes and joints.
Made with Beautiful English Mohair.
It is easier to make an artist bear using glass eyes. (honestly).............
I never kept or made a Soggibottom Harry Patch Bear for myself.
I now wish I had!

I did give one away to some one special.

Michele x x x


Dolores said...

Oh Midge, Harry Patch is gorgeous. You really should make one for yourself - before the pattern disintegrates! Thanks for posting the pics.

Midge said...

Your welcome x x x

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE him!

Michele said...

Many, many thanks! You do fabulous work, you know!