Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sneaky view of the inside of Exeter Cathedral.

I admit it, the soap shop in Exeter draws me like a moth to flame.
If the shop door is open the wonderful sultry smells wander down the street.
I can smell the shop before I see it.

What has this to do with the cathedral?

Cathedral green is behind the shop ( well, almost) . The reason I really go to Exeter is to visit "the soap shop"..... lush, lush, lush..... (I'm not advertising by the way).
But you can google lush and it will be there. I can no longer keep the soap shop a secret. Everyone should smell this good.

There is an entrance fee to go inside the Cathedral now, when the soap shop and I were first acquainted entrance into the Cathedral was free.
If you want to pay the entrance fee. GO FOR's really interesting inside with lots of history. But if you don't then here is a sneaky view.

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Raggy Rat said...

omg i need some more luch stuff
not had any for years dues to tight budjet ...