Friday, 28 August 2009

George the third Cartwheel Penny has come back to the place where it was found .

A chance meeting on the way to the village fete has in a strange way brought the penny back where it was found nearly 50 years ago. I know I posted the picture of this penny a while ago, but it didn't belong to us at the time.

The couple who renovated our cottage back in the sixties came back to live in the village. We just happened to follow them down the road to the village fete one year. Quite unaware who they were until they asked where in the village we lived. The story goes on a bit from there but at the beginning of the week we were invited to tea.

How lovely that they asked if we would like to put the penny back into the cottage.
It's not possible to put it back in exactly the same spot but it has been placed 2 yards above where it was found by the door.

We also trundled our way back down the hill with two huge bags of apples. We can't thank them enough that the penny has come home......... I will say it once more. THANK YOU................

Tonight, with the penny now in a frame we had the official "putting back ceremony."

Some of us looked on with enthusiasm.....and some did not!


Don said...

I believe the menagerie understands the protective power of the penny, and are very much at ease because of it.

ittybittyandpretty said...

what a great story...i have now followed this penny on its journey and feel just as happy for you, perhaps even more happy than some :)


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