Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Still living with Amie

Amie and I have always got on, I could chase her up and down stairs once.

We often used to snore away together........still do......

This interruption isn't by Mew......

Seems we have been infiltrated by an Eastern European scam site... oh spooky stuff....actually it's not very nice.

Someone out there using our pictures to scam people.

SO please, if you see any of our photographs used anywhere else THEY SHOULDN'T BE THERE!

They have not got Soggibottom's permission to use any of SOGGIBOTTOM.BLOGSPOT.COM'S BLOG PHOTO'S.

It seems that the particular site I refer to is so good at selling utter rubbish on their trashy site they can't afford to take their own pictures..... shame!

The photo's they have used I have now deleted from our blog.

I will post them again. But will also add another "take your own photographs" along with the post.

In the mean time, it is still Mew week.

It is now a few hours since I posted this and have calmed down.... but beware Eastern European scam merchant..... only slightly!

Back to Mew...........................................

Why was she called Mew? mew. mew. mew. mew. mew. food. food. food. food. MEW is also the Egyptian word for C.A.T.


Dolores said...

It never ceases to amaze me what people will do with someone else's creativity. I don't know if it is the same site but one of the other bloggers I read has found her art and other artist's work on some Asian site. They are selling the art as if it were their own. One pattern maker in Australia and another in Scandinavia found their designs had been stolen. Seems you are just one of several who have at least found out that their work had been hijacked. Think of all the others out there who don't know.

Midge said...

Hi Dolores. If you blog,you blog to the whole world. On the whole... they only had to ask. But as this is a real scam selling site I would hate anyone to think we are part of it. I AM NOT ALONE..... ha.....but you are right, I do think of all the others out there who don't know. Yesterday to find a Soggibottom picture as I did I was really enlightening. Their site was really TACKY!!!!! ha ha x x x such a shame I can't bold the last line x x x ha ha x x x

midge said...

it was really enlightening. Tut... finger slipped.

ittybittyandpretty said...

how did you find the site?? strange how people think isnt it
love the pics of these sweet pets