Sunday, 26 July 2009

Classic Car Show on Paignton Green, Devon.

We had planned to visit the classic car show this morning at Paignton.
The weather isn't so great and to slip and slide on wet grass is just not my thing, so thought you might like to see last years car show.

The sun shone and we had a beautiful day looking at all the cars. Amie had lots of fuss from everyone so she had a good time.

Not just boys toys, Bentley's can be for girls!


These are ALL MINE..... I wish..... M.G.B. Roadsters


Dolores said...

I just love those old cars. The British ones look much more dignified than the American ones - in my humble opinion (one who knows nothing at all about cars.) I remember going to a car show when we were on holiday years ago and I found a car that my dad had when I was growing up. I brought back a few memories.

Have you got a pic of one of your Harry Patch Bears?

Michele said...

Yes I have a pic Dolores, it was taken on my old camera that came from the ark, so the quality isn't so good, but will find it so you can see.