Sunday, 5 July 2009

Rebeccaswayround Soggibottom Quilt

Way back in the Spring Becca sent a parcel from the first stop on her journey.

Rebeccas way round has amazing pictures you just need to click.

I had cheekily suggested she would love to bring back some real Indian Cotton.

She sent a double panel of material and Becca said I could always cut it up.

With a little thought Fluffs and I decided she might like to have a quilt made from the material.

On chilly Winter nights. back here in England it would be a reminder of all her travels.

I carefully hand washed the dye out.

I carefully dyed my hands orange and red and then back to orange again.

I carefully loaded the soggy raggy orange and red Indian cotton into the washing machine.

As Becca made her way around the Southern Hemisphere, I quilted.

I finished it ages ago. But until she came back to the cottage couldn't show you.

It took ages for the dye to come out from my hands.

The washing machine still blushes slightly pink.........

No patchwork, straight sandwich quilting.

It went back into the washing machine after Fluffs and I had finished.

I think Fluffs might have been a bit annoyed...........


Jackie said...

Fantastic. What a lovely souvenir for her.

Anonymous said...

It turned out beautifully! Becca must be so pleased!


Midge said...

Thanks Karen.
Promise kept. blogged.
Well she took it home..........