Monday, 20 July 2009

Over the Tamar bridge into Devon.

Brunnel's railway bridge in on the right of the video. Beyond is the Tamar Estuary and the sea.
On the left is the view you see as you look up The River Tamar, the dividing line between the counties of Devon and Cornwall.

I always love going over this bridge, except it's better when it's a sunny day.

Never enough time to take in the views from both sides.


Midge x x x said...

It is me isn't it.... the post I think are reasonable...

No on leaves a comment on... the ones that have fluffy bits and four legs do better.... can't win em all!

sfhfhrmndmnmn said...

this website is rubbish and has literally no info on the tamar bridge y make a website bout if ur not gunna hav any info you twat.