Monday, 30 August 2010

My pet rock.

This really is my pet rock, just because she stands beside other stones on Stonehenge, she is still my rock.

This post is also for Sandee.

Shame to see the Henge fenced in on this photo.
I know I have posted many Stonehenge pictures on here, I can't help myself from clicking as we pass.
I must have more photo's of Stonehenge that British Heritage who now look after the site.

Where does Amie fit in on our trips past the henge ?
Stonehenge is our stopping point from Devon to Surrey. When Amie was two years old we let her out of the car to do what all dogs need to do. When all of a sudden she took off. Way across Salisbury Plain.

Stonehenge is behind the British Heritage entrance building.
See the SHEEP ?
Our dear, little butter wouldn't melt in her mouth Amie turned into a sheep chaser.
We couldn't believe it either. ONE OF US, chased her right across the fields. Caught without any damage.
To her it was a game. Two years old and playing games. Thank my stars there wasn't a farmer around !
She has never been off a lead near sheep since no matter how old she is....

I think now she would have a problem seeing them, let alone chase them, but no matter, sheep mean LEAD.
This photo, I had to take as SOME ONE drove our car full pelt into it.
At least we stood out in the crowd driving along. Our car was the muddiest and dirtiest on the road over August Bank Holiday. YES THAT WAS US !

Nothing wrong with good old Wiltshire soil.

Especially on a sunny evening.

Driving home.
Home is in the distance somewhere.....SOUTH WEST, over the hill.
2nd Star to the right. Keep on, not to the morning, but for a few hours.


Dolores said...

I do hope the bank holiday was relaxing. Looks like it anyway. Did someone wash the grime off the car?

Cavaliers Corner said...

How hilarious. I would have loved to see Amie chasing those sheep too. I think I have two friends here who would love to join her.

Shelley said...

Interesting to see those Stone Henge photos. Can't believe sweet Amie was chasing sheep....maybe she had something to tell them....

Allie said...

Oh Amie you naughty girl, lol!!! I can just picture her!
Did SOME ONE wash that car? *giggle* That's quite the puddle.

The clouds in the pics are so amazing....they look low enough to touch!

WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful day for a ride and beautiful scenery along the way.


Caroline B said...

Looks like a lovely outing! At least Amie wouldn't have been able to do an awful lot of damage to a sheep, unlike Clovis who would probably be chowing down by the time I caught up with him!

Heather said...

Be careful about letting your pet rock lean against the fence like that... oh sure, he may just be scratching a rocky itch... but they keep leaning... and leaning... and leaning... and then you end up with a police officer at your door asking, "Excuse me, Ma'am, is this your horse?" I mean, Rock...

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Chasing sheep is probably in Amie's genes.. she was just trying out her hidden expertise !

Love the photos of Stone Henge.. now there are some antiques !

I noticed on my desk calendar that the UK had a bank holiday yesterday.


Sue Doran said...

What on earth are you feeding your rock? It's huge!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Midge. Stonehenge is such a special place. :-)

LOL I have a Clarkson wannabe sometimes too.

MyCretanlife said...

Hi Midge, I have only been to Stonehenge the once. Really enjoyed thevisit but we could not touch them for the roped off areas. Ian's sister lives not very far away. North newnton. Have you been to Avebury at the standing stones there. You can walk around amongst them and touch.It's a tremmendous feeling.

Joanna said...

Those are beautiful pictures. Where is everyone? I love that there are no crowds.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am glad that the farmer was not around either!
And happy you finally caught that little cutie pie!

Sandee said...

Oh My! I am just drawn into your photos. Thank you for sharing them with us! My internet has been down and out so I didn't see your post until just now. Big hugs!