Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Fighting them on the beaches

It doesn't feel like August.
25th August, only four months to the day till Christmas Day....
It's raining and feels like we could be in October.
The only thing giving the time of year away is that the leaves are still on the trees.

Peaceful little back lane that we often use.
Lucky for us, this lane isn't known to many that flood into the South West for their holidays.

People either head for the beach or for beautiful Dartmoor.
I should have realised yesterday that the storm clouds were gathering.

The cows had started to lay down.
If the cows are down, it's a sure sign of rain.
So they say.

With nothing better to do on a rainy day at least Amie has made her self useful and is guarding her painting on the wall. Don't let that air of being asleep fool you. She's on guard and alert.

Amie... AMIE....... AMIE.....

Frank on the other hand really is awake.
It must be wet outside because normally when it rains he is out mouse hunting.

I mentioned the word.



Heather said...

Shhhh, if you don't look at it (Christmas) maybe it will go away.

Oh sure... I'll love it when it gets here... but... ACK!

Laura Sparling said...

Beautiful photos and Frank is adorable. :o)

Christmas! *Puts fingers in ears* "La la la - I can't hear you!"

Laura x

Dolores said...

That really is some heavy reading for Bear - must have something to do with the weather?
Wonderful photos, as always.

Joanna said...

I'm glad I'm not a mouse in your neighborhood. You have beautiful pets.

Caroline B said...

Would you knock it off with the Christmas lark? I'm with Laura - lalalalalalalalalala.......

Love the photo of the cows though!

Allie said...

LOL - Bear is reading the perfect book! That is very interesting about the cows. I'd have to drive miles to see any around here. My bones tell me when it will rain...Frank is such a hoot! Kisses to Amie!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Frank :) He's awesome :)

Frank DeTabby said...

Yes you are right, I am awesome!
I have to keep up this persona, I don't want people (or mice, or that ginger cat from over the bridge) to think I'm getting soft in my old age.
So I'm afraid I must continue to look tough in my photos. Thank you all for your comments.

Victoria said...

Can you send me some English rain please? It's very, very, very hot and muggy here:(

Lisa said...

I cannot believe in 4 months it will be Christmas!! It is almost here! YIKES!!! Love all your babies!
Hugs, Lisa & Molly!

QuiltSue said...

Just before reading this, I had pointed out to my DH that the trees are turning colour. Winter's on its way.

Sue Doran said...

He's a very well read bear, isn't he? I hope he reads aloud to Frank, Amie and the others!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Maybe Frank is watching little mices running from room to room in your house. He sure is a beauty.
And yes,,, the bears are reading something mysteriously enchanting.