Friday, 27 August 2010

Take that Bear Band

I promised bears, these aren't the one's.
I have been playing around while it rained the other day. Kid friendly soft toys to use up some plush that I had. I have three left now, so anyone who wants one will have to speak up quick and I will post one.
No giveaway. Just a freebie as the cottage needs the space.
But you have to be quick :-) Also have to have a real tiddler to give it too.

I'm going to be occupied over the next few days, so thought you might like a link to Caroline's blog. Caroline's giveaway only has a few days left to run, if you want a chance to win, you better hurry up and nip over there. Caroline has also used a picture I blogged of Mew. Not this one by the way.
There for all to see is Mew in watercolour. HERE IS THE LINK you can see for yourself.
I can't believe that Amie and Mew have both had their own portrait.
If ever a cat deserves it then it's Mew. She is one of the gentlest and sweetest cats that I have ever come across. As you see she likes her home comforts. Also Amie's prize cookies.

The second link is all about the dagger hilt we found while digging around in the garden one Spring. Medieval...... would be good to think so wouldn't it.
I never thought for one moment that the glittery green was a gem. But I always lived in hope until Melanie really investigated for me.
Victorian reproduction..... oh well, it's Victorian anyway.
Could have been Medieval.......... BUT It's NOT !
Dream on eh !
Have to mention the toad. Thanks for all the comments yesterday, especially the emails.
Going to have to give him a name... and make him a crown.
No kissing, although thanks for all the suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Sorry no tiddler here. Gorgeous bears though.

Researching the dagger was fun. :-)

A sparkley crown definitely with little blobby bits on the end like on his toes. :-) Yes a name!

Jackie said...

Still......Victorian is better than nothing.

Allie said...

Aren't they cute!!!!! I don't have a wee one so I promise not to bother you....sigh.
Mew's portrait is STUNNING. My goodness she's good.

Well - now you know - although I'd rather believe it's a very ancient dagger. Belonged to a princess or something. You're right, we can dream!

Faye Henry said...

Oh, if only I had a tiddler.. What a lovely kitty... You must have been excited when you found your

WoolenSails said...

No kiddies here either.
I started a bear collection for my daughter, but she abused the poor guys, so I gave up;)

That is a neat find though. I love digging, I look for arrowheads, those we have. This year I found an old bomb, lol. No idea why it was in the yard.

Today I found a big old toad near my trailer. The poor guy had blood on his back, but no big wounds, so i got him to go in the brush.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

What a beatiful portrait of Mew. We can see in her eyes how sweet and content she is. She is a real beauty.
We don't have any tiddlers either, but we are sure there are some out there needing a nice snuggle from one of those ADORABLE bears.
I love your special find. All I ever find is agates or old pennies, or old bottles.
Nitey nite to the toad. He needs a bed. croak, croak, croak

Caroline B said...

Shame the dagger wasn't quite so old, but that is still fascinating - I wonder what it's story was?
No more pussy cats to paint for me at the moment - time to do some paid work & three horses. Like buses, you get no commissions for ages then three at once....

Cavaliers Corner said...

I love the idea of finding old treasure too. How exciting. Sometimes the research is as much fun as the find even if it's not the real thing in the end.

Excuse my Australian ignorance but what is a tiddler? Is is what we would call a toddler - a 2 year old child who has not long learnt to walk and therefore "toddling around"? Cute name "tiddler".

Mine are older than that too and we have so many bears and other furries here that I am in the process of convincing mine to part with some for other pastures and new homes too...ofcourse keeping their very favourites. Which brings me another topic.

Sandee said...

What cute little bears. They do look soft and cuddly. I buy stuffed bears throughout the year and give them to our police and fire department. They carry them in their vehicles and give them to children in tramatic situations.
I'd love to know just how many bears live at your cottage?

WendyCarole said...

no tiddlers here. But the bears are lovely

Christine said...

Love your bear band just not so keen on Robbie...or Gary for that matter!
Have a great Bank holiday!

QuiltSue said...

If I had a tiddler to give on too I'd have been leaping up and down with my hand in the air saying "Me, Me, Please, Me!" but I haven't, so the world has been spared the sight of this overweight grandmother doing that. They are gorgeous though, I really love them.

Micki said...

I have a daughter of a friend who has been sick and would love one I am sure. So, please me!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, aren't they cute! And Mew's painting is amazing, absolutely captures her perfectly. Silly old cat. That dagger hilt is really neat too!

Now, you know I don't need another bear (I think Frank would be jealous!) and Bren has too many. But I don't suppose you could send one my way for my cousin who is due to have her first baby the first week in November? I think that would be a nice little welcoming gift. You supply a bear, I supply a stitched picture for the wall, and mom is in the beginning stages of planning a baby quilt. Let me know, won't you my dearest.

Oh did I tell you I have Skype now? But apparently there is something going on with my headset microphone, I am trying to figure out how to configure it properly.

Heather said...

are all the bears gone??? NOOOOO! Always late to the party *weep*