Tuesday, 3 August 2010

101 things to do with Blackberries

How can the year be passing so quickly ?
I was going to say passing through, but thought better of it.

We have blackberries around the cottage already.
These were picked on the 31st July.
I'm sure they get earlier and earlier every year.

Cornfields are golden.
I looked carefully in this one as we passed it for crop circles....
NO..... not a crop circle in sight.

Tourists are still flooding into the West Country.
It gives a new meaning to bumper to bumper along our narrow roads.
Welcome to the A303 in August.

The views are still as tranquil, no sign of Autumn here over looking The Blackdown hills.

Only when you really notice the grass on the side of the road.

You notice that colours are changing.

101 things to do with blackberries.

I haven't a clue, I know that if you dye mohair, the result isn't that good and you need quite a few Blackberries.
I always end up with a beautiful shade of black on my hands even if I wear gloves.
My face also tends to catch the black dye. The tip here is if your going out of the house when you cook blackberries, make sure you do it before not after.
Jams, jellies...... there's got to be other things to do with blackberries.
Some one out there knows .........

I've been having trouble uploading films on blogger.
Think this one is green to go, so thought I would leave you with the short film we took a few weeks ago when we were stuck in a down pour in Boscastle in Cornwall. In case anyone is really missing the rain.... enjoy !


Allie said...

Nooooooo - I'm not ready for summer to end - it just got here! I haven't had a beach day!
I have blackberries every night - in a mix with blueberries and raspberries. I get frozen packages at the grocer and let them almost thaw while I eat them. YUM. You could freeze them and put them in the blender every morning, with other fruit, and maybe some yogurt for a lovely healthful drink!

Your traffic looks like my street every day between 3 and 5pm. EVERY DAY. Blech.

Love your video - I dearly love the rain!

Christine said...

No thanks, and in the words of the Morecombe & Wise song, 'Bring me sunshine...'
The children were looking in our hedges for early blackberries - none yet!

WendyCarole said...

I can't end we haven't had it yet!

Dolores said...

That rain cooled me off for about 17 seconds. I needed it. It is way too hot and humid here.
Blackberries? My second favourite - right after raspberries. I just eat them raw since I have to buy them at the grocery store.
Ron Slippers says Hi!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I wonder if you can make wine from blackberries?

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I love to listen to the rain! It
would be a welcome site, here! It was 107
yesterday and it is after 5pm and it is 106 degrees. It said the heat index is going to be 115 tomorrow. Wow! You could make a blackberry cobbler.

Bear Hugs~Karen

Lisa said...

I just like blackberries, esp. if someone else picks them!!! What great ideas though, a warm cobbler with ice cream is always a great treat! Enjoy them!
Hugs, Lisa

Faye Henry said...

Hi Midge... Love your video as usual since I so love the wind and rain.. Your traffic is wild!! Ours is quite bad on weekends here but my husband says you can roll a bowling ball down Main Street in the fall...
Oh, you could use blackberries for phone calls, email and so on..LOL!!
Sorry, I couldn't help myself...

WoolenSails said...

I love blackberries, but haven't tried growing them.
We did get a nice batch of raspberries though.
I ate half and the birds ate half;)


Caroline B said...

I still have some blackberries in the freezer from last year, as well as a big kilner of jam! You could make summer pudding? My parents used to serve fresh blackberries & condensed milk as a pudding - heaven but sooo bad for you!
My daughter has been going on about picking blackberries for months now, & I kept telling her 'August, not now'. On Saturday she informed me it was August tomorrow, so I told her there wouldn't magically be blackberries ripe just because the calendar changed......but there were!

Sue Doran said...

My dad's garden variety blackberries are ready but none in the hedgerows here yet. Blackberry crumble... lovely! Lots of recipes if you Google.

Victoria said...

Those blackberries look delicious! Blackberry jam...yummy!

The year is flying by, it scares me how quickly it's going. I love the rain, I wish we got more of it here. Wonderful little video:)

Sandee said...

As usual, thanks for sharing your lovely part of the world with all of us. I loved the clip from Boscastle, thanks!

Sarah said...

You certainly can make blackerry wine you can also make blackberry and elderberry wine both of which are very nice, we made them for the first time last year and are just drinking them now - long process but worth the wait. You can also make blackberry vodka

midge said...

Lots of wine drinkers here..... :-)
All sounds good Sarah. :-) x x x

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Every nite when mommy and I walk down the country road, we stop and munch on blackberries.
They are getting sweeter with each new day. The wheat from the fields are being harvested, and we feel the season as it deepens into our summer. Yes, time is flying