Saturday, 7 August 2010

Taking the cat to a party, Amie Soto Blossom Style.

I've been invited to a party.

I want to go, but I promised to take a cat.

I asked Fluffs.

We discussed it over a drink.

Or two,

or three.

In the end she didn't want to go.

It's no good asking Mew as she's always asleep.
Any idea's ?
Maybe I'll ask Frank........


Caroline B said...

If Clovis took a cat to a party it would be as an hors d'oeuvre rather than his plus-one - I'm sure Amie is far more civilised!
(No, I couldn't spell hors d'oeuvre without looking it up....)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Sweetest Ames,
I saw you looking out the window at the cottage. You were in deep thought, and pondering. Pondering what to do. You must not miss out on the party. That would never, ever do. With Miss Fluffs sound asleep, what can you do?
As the ticking of the clock goes tick tock, and the cottage mice are running to and fro with their arms full of cheese....
I see your eyes light up with a splendorious idea. Under the cottage cellar where the bunnies live, there is one particular bunny that looks like a cat.
A big white fluffy cat with short ears, no tail , and cat like whiskers. Go ask Ames. Go ask.
I bet that bunny will go and no one will know that its a bunny in disguise. If that does not work out, I will think of something else.

Cavaliers Corner said...

That is the cutest post with photos I've read in ages. I'm trying to imagine a party with each dog bringing along a cat...somehow I'm seeing lots of barking dogs running around in circles and cats flying over fences never to be seen again. I think your cat friends are seeing their future flying before their eyes and then thinking...... " I think we'll just stay here until you come home Amie...have fun!" Do you have any toy stuffed cats - maybe you could take one of those.

Dolores said...

If I dress up like a kitty, can I come?

Sandee said...

My cat, Hook, might enjoy a trip across the Atlantic... I know I sure would!

Allie said...

LOL!!! I think a stuffed kitty is in order....if Frank goes, make sure there aren't any mice!

Angela Richardson said...

I don't have a cat but is does sound like a great party!
Didn't make any markets this week, how about you.
Let us have some 'mews' on the party!!

ittybittyandpretty said...

oh that puss is almost the same as our 'mumma'. our gorgeous 'stray that came to stay' has a little white fluff on her chest and under her tum. she has stolen our hearts and gets rather alot of affection :) she would love to go to a party as long as their were no other guests as she is still a little shy of anyone but us.

love that first pic of amie

Micki said...

That was such a cute post!

Sue Doran said...

Very amusing!

So is it official then - dogs are more fun than cats?! ;-)

Heather said...

I have a cat she can take!!!

Victoria said...

We had a neighbor some years ago who used to have dog parties for all the neighborhood dogs. She got some special doggy stairs to go into her pool so they could swim. I always made our dog Buck go by himself since she lived next door:)

WoolenSails said...

So funny.
Maybe a stuffed cat would work? LOL


Jan Mader said...

What a great post! Sure hope you got to the party with or without your cat!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Cat is always welcome to come n pawty with doggie friends. Lots of Golden Thanks n Woofs, Sugar

Anonymous said...

I hope Amie finds the purfect partner.

Anonymous said...

Hello, we are on our first visit to your bloggie and loves it alreadies.

Very funny posting.

Bonny, my partner, has offered to attend pawty with you...she free!

Wiggles and Waggles
Hector and Bonny too!


Sandee said...

♪♪Happy Barkday to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Barkday to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Barkday Dear Sugar,♪♪
♪♪Happy Barkday to you.♪♪