Monday, 1 March 2010

Spring under the hedge in Devon

St David's day today.

I grew this.

These are in the hedgerow outside.

Snowdrops are now in the Soggibottom garden

The tree's outside by the stream are in flower.

For all that are still under snow, take heart Spring isn't far away.

The Soggibottom bear looks good in his new Cossack outfit, although I should have changed him into something green today. I have left him to be admired from passers by.

Here is the rest of Polina's parcel from Russia.
Special to me because she made them. Thanks again Polina, they are treasured.

The bear at the top of the page ?

I haven't made a small bear for ages and thought you would like to see him.
Also because I have email's asking me to show more bears.
It takes me longer to make smaller bears than bigger bruins.

Do you think he will put his own toys away ?


Allie said...

Beautiful flowers - I wonder how long it will take to see some here??? Love your little bear, and yes I can believe it takes longer to make the small ones!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for praising my crafts :) I think too that making a small bear is harder than a normal one. This one is cute... maybe he will help you to put things away XD
Oh, and I love the flowers!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Happy St David day to you. LOVE the little cute bears. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

WoolenSails said...

Will be in the 40's this week, so not spring yet, but warmer. I have never heard of St. David's day, will have to look that up. I had a little bear that I painted, my dog ate it, lol.


ittybittyandpretty said...

i am lucky enough to have not 1 but 2 of your small bears and they are thoroughly SPOILT :)

happy spring to you. i am enjoying the start of our autumn...the rainiest february in 6 years, today is so mild is is divine!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I hope he is not a naughty bear
and I hope he puts his toys away,
I have some naughty bears.
I also have some flowers like you do.
A daffodil. snowdrops. crocus, harry lader walking stick tree with those long tassles hanging, a creek and some bears. But I do not have a soggy bottom
Hi Amie

Caroline B said...

Isn't it great, yesterday had NO rain, plenty of sunshine and it looks like today is more of the same! You know how happy that makes me, especially when a certain furry gent manages to have clean feet for a change. Love the small bear - yes, the tiny things always take longer to make but they are worth it.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

We are so looking forward to Spring! This morning I heard the Blackbird singing. A wonderful sound.

Heckety said...

Of course he won't tidy away- d'you know, I used to have a green morris minoe toy car just like yours! All our cars were hand me downs from uncles and great uncles, pretty old and battered. Like your purple crocus!!! And am very jealous of your catkins- sigh, and your stream, but that's a permanent jealous!

Lisa said...

How very great! I love the first little sprouts of the year!!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

What a cute little bear. I love how you fixed the one in a previous post. He really deserved a new lease of life after being loved so much.

Dolores said...

I had to buy some potted bulbs to get my little hit of spring. Luckily the big box hardware store had them and I came home with several. Soggibottom bear looks great in whatever he wears. How big (little) is the small bear? I mean in inches..