Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Mappin - Swans and a little fellow cherub thing

This might not appeal to everyone so I will forgive you for clicking away.

This was my Great Grandmother's Wedding Present.
It has a Mappin stamp and number on the bottom.
In 1858, (or thereabouts) Johnathan Mappin invited his brother in law George Webb into his silversmith business. Becoming Mappin and Webb. Mappin and Webb had a Royal Warrant in 1897 ( they still make things for the queen).

All that, and all it ever means to me is that I remember it sitting on a shelf when I was small.

It tends to come and go in the cottage, relegated to the attic. Then it comes down again, has a clean and is put on the shelf.
It should have a glass dome over the top, unfortunately, one of us (NO MENTION WHO) accidentally knocked it and it shattered. Pleased it wasn't me that broke it !

Lots of things in our attic, probably enough to fill another couple of cottages.

We've had a new rug up there for ages, tucked away out of the view of the moths.

We have a bet on how long it will take muddy wet paws to give it a make over, or half a sticky dog chew sticking to it. Amie only ever sucks her chews which make them something you would rather not find in one piece.
Or possibly a dirty old catnip mouse or something the cat has brought in tucked away under the table.

Still not sure about the white on the fireplace wall.
Suggestions for another colour would be welcome.
We are both painted out for this week.
Before anyone asks about Amie. She does move occasionally.


Victoria said...

I love your "cherub thing", it's beautiful! Your attic sounds like a fun place!!!

Smiffy White said...

I reckon you could do a lot with magnolia on that wall!!!!

MyCretanlife said...

What a treasure you have there. shame about the dome.
Not sure what colour would go on you chimney breast, maybe a bold piece of art would do the job.

WendyCarole said...

Its very nice. All our stuff is in the cellar but nothing exciting that I would like to bring upstairs

Like the white wal with the ar ton it. Think another colour might detract from the pictures

ittybittyandpretty said...

although i dont 'like' that piece i can appreciate it...i love your home you are certainly mking your mark and doing a lovely job of it. i think that the chimney could do with some colour but not sure if a bold colour is right...i am sure whatever you do it will be perfect.

Lisa said...

Oh cool Thing! I am glad Amie moves! hehehe Like the rug and I will have to think about a color for the wall. A nice cream would not be so stark but if you wanted it to pop go red. But it might make the room dark. I'll think on it!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Oh isn't that pretty! Is it real silver? I love silver but it's such a pain to clean, isn't it? Too bad about the glass casing; I wonder if one could find such a thing to replace it in an antique shop? Probably cost a fortune though. I think I like it just the way it is; I never did care much for things encased in glass or plastic though of course, again, a PAIN to clean!

I love your coffee table and rug! And I think the fireplace wall looks good, makes the room nice and bright.

Oh Ames, I do believe that you move off that couch sometimes but you're just so cute snuggled up there.

Smooches to you, Tony, Ames and the mogs! xo

WoolenSails said...

I think a warmer shade of white, forgot what one my husband put on my wall, lol. You don't want to go dark in that room, but just a hint of sand in the white, might warm it up. I do love that painting, I would take out the small picts and put up some more bold prints like that.


Allie said...

Midge that is beyond gorgeous - you should see if you can replace the dome. Wow. What a treasure!
The rug looks lovely! And I do like the wall white, it really shows off the art. I'm so bad with colors - I change my mind SO often, I really need to just stick with white.
Amie looks so cozy!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

That is a nice treasure and ment to be kept forever.
all that stuff in your attick needs to be saved for the bunnys that are moving into the cottage next door. They don't have a thing.
They are relatives of Peter Rabbit.
Amie told me the secret of them moving in. They don't have any food either,
I am glad Amie did not get painted.

Caroline B said...

That's an interesting piece - I can see why it goes in and out of favour though.
Colour for your wall....hmmm, my first inclination would be to pick out one of the warm stone colours from the fire surround. One of those Georgian reds would be fab too but may darken the room too much and then you'd be stuck painting over red which is almost impossible to cover and you'd hate me.....
I think Ames & Clovis would get on well, both rooted to the sofa all day long!
p.s. we have a white rug in the living room which is all well and good until someone has a root around in the flower bed and tramples his big hairy muddy feet through the house..and I won't go into other dog-related staining!

Dolores said...

Funny but the ladies I quilt with just happened to mention white rugs last night. They look good but they are a pain. I said it's like when you have little children - you learn quick that you do not wear white.
I don't know about the silver thingy. Historic purposes it is a treasure and it's a conversation starter too. I have two BIG vases upstairs that I don't know what to do with. They really are just collecting dust right now. So glad little Amie is doing well and I hope she's fine with getting the stitches out too.
Wall colour? I have always liked white but last year I took to yellow and that's what is now in the living room and dining/computer room.